Top Social Media Tactics to Boost Traffic to Your Magento Ecommerce Site

Social media is a powerful ecommerce marketing tool and of course the success of your business depends on how you leverage your web marketing campaign. Magento is a powerful ecommerce platform that allows business owners to create sites that are robust, scalable and flexible. But what about using social media to promote your products and services?

When it is about selling online, great ideas are not enough. It is very important to be able to adapt, innovate and also understand the customer base so that you can stay ahead of your customers.

In this fast paced world, social media has become an important element and those who don’t pay attention to it may suffer from slow progress and lose business opportunities.

“2018 social networks scored about $41 billion advertising revenue and had a significant impact on the customers’ perception of brands.”

Online buyers who say positive review on social media is said to change their mind about the product. It is said that social media contributes to word of mouth marketing a lot, making the brand natural.

Here is how you can Use Social Media for a Successful Magento Ecommerce Business:


Integrate Twitter with Magento:

We all know that Twitter is a blogging service and allows the user to send messages to people who follow them and also answer their queries. It is with the Twitter account that any business owner can easily keep a track of the status of the users.

Twitter magento integration

Similarly, the users can also check what other people are following. So, while signing up for the Twitter account, it is best to sign up as the name of the company.

Keep Your Visitors Engaged with Appropriate Content:

The core function of social media is to allow you to communicate with people even if they are far away from your location. It doesn’t matter the type of social media that you choose for your Magento website. All you need to do is to take the move first and engage the customers directly.

Here is What You Can Do:

  1. Make quizzes and ask questions with prizes
  2. Upload behind the scene photos or videos
  3. Share relevant content or news from other sources

“About 86% viewers mute the ads that come on TV or skip them, while 90% shoppers believe recommendations from their friends.”


Integrating Social Bookmarking with Magento:

The core aim of social bookmarking is to enable the customers to interact with businesses in different locations that include the US, UK, Australia, India and etc. even outside the store, which ensures that they are considering the products everywhere.


Magento development companies can use different social bookmarking tools that include Delicious, Facebook, Digg, Mister Wong and etc.

It helps you to share not only the content of the site that you have liked, but also your searches, the websites you have browsed and etc.

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Use Visual Content:

Sharing high quality images on social media sites have gained much popularity and image based content helps to engage the visitors more than text based posts, thereby making it an excellent means for marketing your business on social media.


So, by making the product images shareable on social media like Instagram, and Pinterest, you can create a long lasting impression than simple words.

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