Software Development Trends 2019

Top Technologies That Will Bring a Change in Software Development in 2019

Change is an inevitable part of life and things that were all hot topics of discussion may not even be talked about now. Many things come and go. Similarly, technologies are also changing every now and then and captures the market based on the trends and adoption.

Last year witnessed some great breakthroughs in various software development fields that ranged from cryptocurrency, mobile computing, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and etc. Software developers are excited about the innovative advancements in software development this year and are willing to know the technologies that will play a fundamental role in every domain.


Important Software Development Trends


Progressive Web App:

PWAs are a mix of regular web applications and mobile apps. The reason that these kind of apps will see a huge market growth is that they are very easy to develop and also maintain than any regular mobile apps.

The browser runs a script that is separate from the web page in the background and it is called the Service Worker. This script is the main part of every PWA and it allows smart caching, background updating, push notifications, offline functionality and many other important features.

This means that the site will get loaded faster after the initial visit and even if it is offline. This latest model combines the benefits of both the mobile and web apps and gives the users a modern experience.


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Blockchain Technology: 

This is one of the technologies that came into use in 2017 and it is believed that the technology will revolutionize every industry and organizations will consider blockchain related services every day.

It is a network of interconnected devices and the technology helps to store data and allows authentication of large transactions in no time and helps to remove the need of expensive intermediaries. This helps to reduce the cost.

Companies that are associated more with blockchain include healthcare, finance, government organizations, distributors and many more. amazon, Oracle and Microsoft are also pushing further with the blockchain technology.


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Data Science: 

This is another important technology that is expected to rule the software development industry in the coming years. The amount of data that is generated from all industry domains is huge and business enterprises have to implement the right data driven big data analytics trends to stay ahead in the market competition. 

Data science was primarily deployed by big organizations who could afford the latest technology and channels to collect as well as analyze the information. 

Today, the biggest growth is big data in the cloud that has led to even small and mid-sized businesses taking advantage of the latest technology trends.


The Evolving Mixed Reality:

This is a combination of two different worlds: the digital and the physical into a single world. Mixed reality has great potential and will highly influence human computer interaction, graphical processing, power, display technology, computer vision and many others.

It is also integrated into a large scale mobile as well as web apps. Mixed reality takes place not only in the virtual world and the physical world, but it encompasses both augmented reality and virtuality via the immersive technology.

The above software development trends in 2019 will surely dominate the upcoming year. We at IDS Logic have knowledge on latest software techniques and tools and can help our clients to develop new and exciting applications that will help to streamline processes, enhance data security and other capabilities easily.


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