Understanding the Different Models before Hiring Dedicated Developers for Your Project

Understanding the Different Models before Hiring Dedicated Developers for Your Project

Planning for a successful launch of an application is simply not enough for your project. Hiring expert developers who can build it is the first and the most important step that you need to take in order to be successful. But should you hire in house experts or choose a model for dedicated developers who can be hired as remote workers, freelancers, IT staff augmentation or software development outsourcing?

As a trend, hiring dedicated developers is a rapid one and keeping pace with the changing business needs and demand of the customers, enterprises too from various sectors have to develop software solutions for growth.

Statistics have stated that about $288 billion is spend globally for IT outsourcing and this includes websites development, mobile app developers and many other IT related things. It is by observing such reports that everyone is now investing about 5 -15 % to outsourcing their IT services.

Hiring dedicated developers to complete your projects is becoming popular and developers from a reputed web and mobile company ensures that your work is being done professionally and is delivered on time and in the best possible manner.

Know the Three Models of Hiring Dedicated Developers:

The Fixed Scope Model:

This fix scope model is for those having a fixed scope that won’t change for at least about some time and here clients hiring dedicated developers under this scope model will not be able to make any modifications to the existing scope unless everything gets completed and finalized. The benefits of this model are less financial risk and those having limited budget can have fix scope to work. The model also needs less time engagement with the developers and there is also no need to manage the task.

But some challenges include that the process is less flexible and hard to modify the scope once the project has started and it is also not suitable for any complex task, which may include frequent changes.

Hourly Base Model:

This dedicated hiring model works perfectly for those having a dynamic application that keeps on changing as per the requirements and iterations. Here your dedicated developers team will work as you say and according to the billing period and they will also share their work log or time sheet with you and as per the work, you can validate it and make the payments.

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Since this is an hourly base model, you can have a constant eye on the progress and deliverables, the nature of the model is also hourly and it offers a detailed scope which can be modified or updated anytime. You can also ask your dedicated developers to pick up a task as per your requirements.

But some disadvantages include that since it is hourly based, it may be difficult to maintain the deadlines and it also needs deep involvement as you have to take certain decisions for the project to progress. In case you have more than 10 to 15 developers, then you might face certain issues related to project management.

Why Hiring Dedicated Developers is Effective?

Hiring dedicated developers helps the clients to choose the developers as per their skills and knowledge and the team will work onsite as well as offsite for only that particular project. You will have the advantage to select the resources from the pool of talented professionals and you can also modify the size of the resource and scale it as per your needs. This saves a lot of your valuable time and money and also maintain the quality of your project. The collaboration of both the internal and the dedicated team offers great coordination and you also get to know about each stage and progress of the project.

So, if you have a project in hand then hire the best dedicated developers team to successfully create your project and launch it in the market fast.

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