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What Makes SharePoint the Best Option for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations often have to face problems due to lack of resources, time or money as they cannot afford to make large investments that are imperative for attaining business efficiency in various operations. Often a few of them try to manage somehow to afford latest technologies and then constantly deal with funds and expert resources to manage the applications.


What SharePoint Does?

Microsoft has made it easier for non-governmental or non-profit organizations to create a great impact on their clients by offering Office 365 and SharePoint free or even at significant discounts. Since SharePoint development offers a centralized place for crucial business needs, non-profits can use it to bring all the important aspects under one roof. This is a great bonus, since there the workers and staffs can work with a cohesive and streamlined process.


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Some Reasons Why Non-Profits should Switch to SharePoint:


Ample Information Sharing: 

If you are a non-profit organization looking forward to becoming self-sufficient, then it is very important to share information among your members efficiently. SharePoint offers numerous features with which you can keep connected, share, control and edit your documents and have any question answered quickly.

Easy Training and Development:

Microsoft offers a video sharing service that helps to create videos and share it across the organizations so that the team can easily start with SharePoint applications in a cost effective way. Any employee can also create an educational video and share the content across various departments. 

Save Money with Discounts: 

Microsoft offers SharePoint at free of cost to meet certain criteria related to non-profits. The organization can use the basic features like the cloud storage, web conferencing, email, audio and HD video. It also offers an upgrade option to enjoy the benefits of the premium features at a very nominal price.

Good Team Collaboration:

With SharePoint development, you can create a virtual workspace where the team members can discuss, collaborate and assign tasks with each other and also complete the work in no time. it helps to manage the team effectively by offering specific documents along with the tasks and timelines.


Dedicated SharePoint Developer

What should You Look for in the SharePoint Platform?


Scalability and Customization:

SharePoint development allows for endless customization possibilities and one can build their own apps, interact with and also share the framework with minimum technical knowledge. SharePoint can be used to create customized applications that are best solutions for your business.

Security and Permissions:

Security is a prime concern of all organizations and SharePoint comes with multi-layered data security, file encryption, disk encryption, anti-malware protection, custom script features that helps to manage the files and also the digital world.

How Big do you Want to Grow?

If you are a non-profit organization and your growth is fairly contained, which is not a core metric that is measured, then you can choose to use free SharePoint development. If you are growing fast and want your system to last longer, then purchase what you need right now. Your organizational objectives are important in deciding the features that you want to use and based on that you can choose either a free version or a paid version of SharePoint.


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