What You should Look for in Your Moodle LMS Analytic Tools

What You should Look for in Your Moodle LMS Analytic Tools

If you have an academic organization or a business that uses an LMS to offer learning or training courses, then it is important to offer programs that are highly interactive and can keep the learners engaged. Moodle is a popular LMS that helps organizations create e-learning applications that can be accessed from anywhere and the course can be done as per the learner’s convenience. 

But to optimize the employee training program, there is a need to look at the different analytics feature that an LMS development offers. It is important that you use the learning analytic tools in your application and find out how it can help to enhance the learning experience.  So, here in this blog, I will share with you some types of analytics tools that you should look for in your LMS and find how they can help.

Learning analytics tools when used with Moodle application development helps in the measurement, analysis, collection and reporting of data about the learners and varied contexts. The data is then used to gain a better understanding of the users and helps to optimize their learning experience.

Analytics Reports:

Gathering the data from your learners is important, but it is also important to gather quick and accurate insights to improve the training program. Manually analyzing the learner’s data is of course a time consuming and lengthy process and that is why using Moodle LMS which offers useful analytic reports in real time is the best option. Every LMS may have different reporting abilities and different names for the reports, but you can check what Moodle has to offer:

  • Enrollment Status: This offers the information about the number of students that are enrolled and unrolled.
  • Potential Problems: The report helps to analyze the learner assessment data and if they are struggling with anything.
  • Learner Activity: This report offers a more detailed account of the learner’s interactions and patterns and offers some information about the material they interacted with the most.
  • Progress of the Learner: This report helps to understand where the learners are in their training journey and of they are on track or lacking behind.


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Data Collection and Metrics:

Data analytics are crucial to determine the effectiveness of the training and to enhance the learning experience. But for this, you should know which metrics your Moodle LMS development should be able to track. Here are some of them for gauging the effectiveness of the learning process:

  • Student’s progress
  • Completion rates
  • When the user logged in last
  • Number of students enrolled
  • The course status
  • The learning data path
  • Individual assessment
  • Number of answers attempted

Predictive Analytics:

Personalized learning is very important in an institutional approach where the content, curriculum, format and the delivery method are optimized to meet the individual student’s needs. This feature in the analytics tools helps to train large groups of learners having diverse backgrounds where the organization have to train employees or learners live in different locations having varied skill sets and may even speak in different languages.

So, by choosing Moodle which supports predictive analytics and AI ensures that you will have a great option to implement personalized learning. Personalization of learning is also strengthened with an online interactive interface and Moodle is a great platform to collect feedback from the learners.

Investing in Moodle LMS is a great decision as it has long term benefits on the performance of the employees and choosing the LMS will help to measure the effectiveness of the training programs and ensure that the learners get the most out of the investment in e-learning.

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