A Complete Checklist for Monthly WordPress Maintenance

A Complete Checklist for Monthly WordPress Maintenance

WordPress is a popular CMS platform used for creating a variety of websites. It is powering 33% of websites on the internet. When starting with WordPress, our main focus is on building a website and maintenance part often gets overlooked. We tend to skip important checks unless something bad happens to our website. This can bring a negative impact on SEO and our brand.

To avoid this, we have discussed WordPress website maintenance tips to ensure it performs without any glitch. Let’s take a look:

WordPress Website Maintenance Tips

  • Website and Data Backup

No doubt, a website is an asset for a brand or a business and you can’t afford to risk it at all. With a website backup, you can save the content of your site and software at a different location. This data will be helpful in the restoration of your website if a crash or hack happens.

  • Website Scanning for Security Breaches

WordPress security is a matter of serious concern that you should not take it lightly. The security monitoring has to be a daily maintenance activity which should be on top of your checklist. However, as part of the maintenance, you can run a security check on your website to ensure that it was free from any vulnerability.


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  • Monitor for Downtime

For most businesses, the website is the first point of contact with their prospective customers. Even a second of downtime can cost you business. Downtime makes a website inaccessible, or it simply refuses to load. This brings a negative impression about your business, which can make you lose your potential customers. As a part of website support and maintenance; you can opt for service like UptimeRobot that tests your website automatically after every 5 minutes.

  • Removal of Unused, Spam Content or Users

With time, WordPress site may get cluttered with irrelevant data like spam comments, unused images, or inactive users. You have to clear this content to make your site more manageable as a part of the maintenance. You can call it a dusting of your website.

  • Optimize Load Time

If you pile up unnecessary data on your website, then this can affect its performance. Generally, the visitors often skip the website optimization part. They add up new content, plugins, users, media, etc., which occupies a lot of space and slows down the site’s performance. You are advised to check the speed of your website using Google Pagespeed Insights. This tool will help in fixing the things that are slowing down the performance of your site.


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  • Maintain the Content

To make your website updated with the fresh and unique content is important. If you can’t update on a regular basis, then you can opt for adding content on weekly basis. Always remember that a great content is your gateway to the potential clients. You have to come out with engaging and interesting content on your website.

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