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Dedicated Resource Model: A Cost Effective Way to High Quality Development Solutions

Dedicated resource is a popular term in the market and business owners who are keen to attain their business goals are interested in hiring a dedicated resource so that they can enhance the productivity and efficiency of their business. Research has proved that businesses that have used dedicated model have always seen a substantial increase in the productivity and a considerable reduction in the software development cost.

Dedicated resource model is a business engagement model that is preferred by the majority of business owners seeking a professional IT team for creating a website, software and mobile application. Due to its cost effectiveness and effective time utilization, it gives the company the flexibility to choose the right talent that it needs and manage it the way they want.

Using the dedicated resource model, one can bring down the cost of the project by about 40%. It is beneficial for any business to outsource the work and hire a team of professionals for a specific time period during which the IT professionals only work for them.


Which Enterprises Use a Dedicated Resource Team Model?


The dedicated team model is great for those customers who are aware of the pitfalls and complexities of project development and those who are interested to invest in a continuous project development for building a quality product. The dedicated team is the presenter of all the latest technologies, architecture, knowledge and experience within the application development and this is the core underlying factor.


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Business owners interested in developing a project should be aware that setting up a new product is an iterative process and that the development includes a large number of stages. The dedicated resource team is considered to be the most valuable asset as it includes a group of people who work on one general idea of the product, which is the foundation of a profitable and successful product.


The Different Engagement Stages of a Dedicated Resource Model:


  1. Initially the business owner finds the areas in the website that needs improvements and then decides on the latest technology to enhance the productivity in that area.
  2. Careful analysis is then done to find out whether the in-house professionals will meet the requirements or if skilled resources need to be hired from outside.
  3. The next step involves the client to go through the skills and experience of the dedicated resource professionals and choose the perfect talent that they think fits their purpose
  4. Then a team is made after discussions about the project and then jobs are allocated as per the skills and expertise so that best quality of solution is developed to cater to specific needs.
  5. The entire project is then controlled and managed by the client via a communication platform and they are updated about the latest developments of the project by regular reports.

Having a whole team in one place makes planning and development processes easier and it is assumed to have very less time intervals between the releases of the product and continuous implementation of the latest features. Moreover, the dedicated resource team can be reduced to even 1-2 specialists after the completion of the project, when it is only about maintaining and upgrading the codes and keeping it at par with the latest technology.


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