How A Good Mobile Strategy Can Fuel Business Growth

How A Good Mobile Strategy Can Fuel Business Growth?

The current trend that is followed by business owners is “Go Mobile”. The mobile oriented structure of the present customer market has made a striking difference in the past few years. Today, the other name for a business is mobility and even though you are small, you still need to innovate to grow.

Mobile websites and apps have opened up great opportunities for small business. From customer relationship management to making payments to documenting expenses, such apps are playing a significant role in business growth.

The digital revolution has impacted businesses more through smartphone apps than other avenues and mobile apps and websites have changed the way users interact with brands. Rigorous customer engagement is essential and enhanced employee engagement also helps in great collaboration in workplaces. Thanks to smartphones and the growing range of apps that have allowed business to remain connected to customers and improve their revenues and bottom line.

Here in this blog, I will discuss with you the importance of having a mobile strategy for your business and how it can help to grow.

If you still have not considered going mobile, then it’s high time and you should consider new digital strategies to expand your market.

Why Your Business Needs to Create a Sustainable Mobile Strategy?

Business is about mobility: User experience on the desktop and on the Smartphone is quite different and mobile sites and apps are more appealing to the customer. Latest study has stated that every 8 in 10 people own a smartphone and they spend about 2 hours on web. Embracing this opportunity will surely help in business. In 2017, your mobile business strategy should include apps, business workflows and services that have four qualities.

They should operate and move seamlessly across various devices:

A good mobile strategy should always offer the best experience to start a workflow or transaction on any device and allow a seamless transfer to any other device. Apple and Microsoft offer such portability through their respective Continuity and Windows Continuum features.

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They should gather and act on new data sources:  

Smartphones have sensors like accelerometers and gyroscopes and there are wearables that help to add data like heart rate, humidity and etc. Wearables can collect the data from the sensors and provide information to the user based on what the user is doing or feeling at that moment.  Such mobile apps are of great help and creating a mobile strategy based on these techniques help in business growth.

They should be adaptable to the device context and the user:

In this case device context refers to the size or the availability of input mechanisms like keyboard, stylus, gesture, touch and etc. The mobile app should be able to sense the functions that are available like the GPS, camera, biometric sensors and etc. and offer different options for actions taken based on the capabilities. Apps that are context-aware also show information that is based on the location and considering certain actions based on that.

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They should make predictions:

Mobiles have helped IT to offer personalized services that are based on the understanding of user behavior.  Users can take the advantage of big data storage, analytics specific services that offer the users with the best relevant information at the right time.

Interesting Ways in Which Mobile Apps can Fuel Business Growth:

Building a mobile strategy for your business is not an expensive job, but it is a great means to open the door to the global audience and surpass any constraints that may cause the business to suffer lack of exposure.

 1. Expand the customer base: An optimized mobile app helps in the successful digital promotion of the business.

 2. Boost brand awareness and traffic: The brand name gets a better chance of being noticed with the continuous presence in the mobile screen and this increases traffic and business sales.

3. Optimize the customer service: Addressing crucial customer issues immediately helps to retain them and reduces dissatisfaction, complaints resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction.

4. Increase customer engagement: A mobile app is visible before the eyes with a finger touch. Customer engagement becomes high and the user can access anytime irrespective of the location.

5. Gather business analytics: Important data that is collected through mobile apps help the management to take crucial business decisions.

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