How Much Does the WordPress Website Maintenance Cost in 2022

How Much Does the WordPress Website Maintenance Cost in 2022?

In the digital era, a website has become the necessity of every business to survive in the tough competition. But, it is equally important to maintain it routinely to ensure the top-grade performance throughout.

If you have a website running on the WordPress platform, then you need to pay extra attention towards maintaining it. Since it is a popular CMS powering 30% of the websites, it is the target point of the hackers. Therefore, you can’t take its maintenance lightly at all.

WordPress website maintenance is a tedious process. This is because it involves a set of tasks that are vital to keep your website in the good shape all the time. You can take the help of professionals if you’re finding it difficult to do this task on your own. This will reduce your workload to a great extent, and lets you focus on your business expansion.

A Maintenance Checklist for WordPress Website

Security Checks

Security stays on top of mind of every website owner. You can opt for a security plugin either free or paid one to perform the security checks.

Uptime Monitoring

To make your website available all the time for the users, its monitoring is utmost important. You can use monitoring tools to check your website properly.

Updating Themes & Plugins

To ensure the smooth functioning of WordPress website, its core plugins and themes need to be updated on time.  

Speed Audit

A fast loading website is important to make your visitors to stay on your website for long. Therefore, speed auditing is must to check whether your WordPress site is loading fast.

Create Backups

Whatever changes you do on your website, it is recommended to create a backup. This will help you in restoring your data in the event of website crash.

Fixing Broken Links

“Page not found”-The visitors find these words quite annoying if they click on a link. With maintenance, you will easily detect those links using tools and fix them in no time.

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What are the Benefits of WordPress Website Maintenance?

By maintaining your WordPress website on a regular basis, you can reap a lot of benefits in the long run. Let’s skim through them:

Improved Search Engine Indexing

Appearing on the top SERPs is the dream of every website owner. This can be achieved when you regularly update your WordPress website. The major search engines like Google indexes those websites that keeps on updating the design and content of the website as per the latest trends, and uplifts your ranking online.

Positive User Experience

Having a well-maintained WordPress website is critical for the business success. When everything on your website performs the function as intended, it will lead to a positive user experience. This thing is helpful in driving a large number of traffic, and convert them into loyal customers.

Provides Competitive Edge

Keeping your site updated with fresh and relevant content, and updating g your web design as per the recent trends will make your business look reliable and professional. This will help you in attaining an upper edge over your competitors, which will get translated into better sales and revenue.

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How much will WordPress Website Maintenance cost?

The cost of WordPress Website Maintenance will depend on who will perform this task, i.e., in-house team, freelancer, or a website maintenance agency.

Rough Estimation of Maintenance Charges

In-house Team- Typically ranges from $0-$25 per month

Freelancer- Typically ranges from$50-$150 per hour

Agency- Typically ranges from$120-$500 per month

Choose any option by considering your business requirements and budget. This will help you in making a meaningful decision.

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