How Social Media Integration is Useful for Magento Stores

How Social Media Integration is Useful for Magento Stores?

With billions of websites out there, it makes difficult for the businesses to gain prominence in this competitive environment. Over the last few years, social media has become the most powerful marketing tools for the eCommerce industry. This platform not only provides exposure but also aids in fetching quality leads for the business.  

Customer engagement is the vital aspect for any eCommerce business to attain online success. All Magento store owners should integrate social media to make it possible. Look for the reputed Magento development company to help you in that process as they have the best talent and tools to perform it efficiently.

Advantages of the Social Media Integration to Magento Stores

Here are some benefits of the social media integration to your Magento store that you need to know about:

  • Creates Brand Awareness

Building brand loyalty is not that simple. You have to put in a lot of efforts to achieve so. Social media is an amazing platform to pitch your marketing campaign and build loyalty for your brand. The moment you put your products and services on social media, it gets into the eyes of the customers faster, and create awareness about your products.  

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  • Boosts Website Traffic

In the present scenario, people spend more and more time on social media websites. If you acquire their search information can help you in creating personalized advertisements based on their preferences.

This in turn will increase the traffic on your website as you have catered them the right information that they’re looking for.


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  • Increases Your Customer Base

The customers always share their best shopping experience in their family and friend circle. Having a social media sharing button to your Magento store will provide them the opportunity to share their purchase experience to their known ones on the social media websites.

This will increase curiosity of the people to know more about your brand, and they will end up in buying from your store.

Magento has developed many social media extensions and third-party extensions that you can utilize as per your requirement. Magento Social is amongst them which is available for free. This can integrate Facebook to your website. This integration leverages the seller to sell their products through Facebook ads.

Apart from this, MiniOrange and Magestore are also Magento extensions that helps to utilize the potential of the social media websites.


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