Setting Up Internal Communications Using SharePoint

Communicating with various groups of staff is the first step if you want to succeed in your business. And for this you need a good set of tools that can help you to do this freely without any hassles. Since internal and employee communications are the backbone of any successful organization, and they also support every aspect from operations to changes, business organizations are now looking for scalable and flexible tools that can help to improve their internal communication.

According to Gartner, SharePoint is the most widely used platform for intranets and the value of intranets is further enhanced by the current ecosystem of cloud apps that is offered in Office 365. With every new SharePoint release, there are latest features and options that are more than the basic portals, which include communication sites, team sites and hubs.


In this blog we will discuss each communication feature and help you to understand, which is the most useful for you.

SharePoint helps the organizations to adapt easily by connecting you to the workplace with intranets and intelligent content management that gives you the tools to share and work together with your colleagues or employees.

Communication Sites:

What is So Great About These Sites?

SharePoint communication sites are a great place where information can be easily shared with others and they also offer a great look on the web, in the SharePoint mobile app. These sites are created to be more interactive and engaging than any traditional ports.

Communications sites are basically focused on communicating a message to the wider base where there are usually a small number of users and many readers. The main purpose of your intranet is to communicate a story that may be a corporate news or even showcase any product or services or even information related to your benefits and policies.


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Team Sites:

For users who are using SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 or Office 365, this is the best option that has been utilized for the collaboration or communication. A team site is used when you want a place where the members of your group or team can collaborate on the deliverables of the project, track the status, plan an event or even exchange the ideas. A team site can be created for the users working on individual assignments, human resource team members, executive committee and etc.

Hub Sites:

Office 365 has come up with the addition of Hub sites that allows you to develop a family of site collections that share navigation, common branding and search scope.  A hub site brings all the related sites to roll up news and other activities, and helps to create cohesion with shared navigation and feel and look.

Since it is important to increase visibility, awareness and represent a clear and broad picture, team sites and communications sites push the content and information up to the hub site level with new aggregation, combined site activities and scoped search.


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When you search content from a hub site, the results often include content from all associated sites. Because associated sites are related and the search from the hub sites help to increase relevance and also enhance the content discovery.

The new features in SharePoint and Office 365 acts as a great tool to power the internal communications and helps to bolster team engagement.

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