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Ensuring Confidentiality with Reduced Business Risks

Data that is held on systems are always very valuable and crucial to any business organization. In this ever changing technology landscape, it is a must for organizations to take steps to safeguard their resources as well as prevent the causes of any data breaches. As the threats to data security is growing exponentially, you must consider information security services that are aligned with your business objectives for safe operational success.

At IDS Logic, we have years of experience in cyber security services and offer solutions that impart data integrity and agility to the enterprises. All our services integrate business context intelligence, cyber security insights and threat data. This is attained with the support of our specialized IDS InfoSec team that consists of highly skilled consultants, security experts and specialized researchers. Their combined efforts help enterprises to anticipate cybercrimes, respond quickly to any attacks and recover from any security breach incident and also enhance the overall data security of the organizations.

Our Services Include

IDS Logic offers a complete spectrum of solutions for organizations, so that they can manage their security issues effectively and encompass diversified technologies to protect their business assets.


Ethical hacking services

We use our deep technical expertise in system administration, programming and networking to identify any vulnerabilities in the networking systems.


Penetration Testing

We use access control testing techniques to discover crucial issues that may be a threat to your organization and help in reducing the risks.


Compliance Services (ISO/Auditing)

Our IDS InfoSec team helps to meet the challenges of data protection and adhere to the GDPR rules and other ISO audit standards for effective security management.


Network Security

Our services help you to protect the integrity and usability of your network and data. We identify a wide range of threats and restrict them from entering or spreading on your system.


Vulnerability Assessments

Most business organizations have an element of risk that might range from financial issues to product production. We help to assess and identify the security vulnerabilities in the organization’s environment.

Our Technical Capabilities

  • Auditing
  • WAVT- web application vulnerability testing
  • compliance checking
  • Red Hat
  • Backtrack
  • Kali Linux
  • Windows Administration
  • Network and information security
  • Cryptography
Benefits of Implementing Information Security System

Some Benefits of Implementing Information Security System

  • Provides a centrally managed framework
  • Protects the entire organization from cyber threats
  • Secures information in all forms
  • Increases organization’s resilience to cyber attacks
  • Reduces the threat to continually evolving security issues
  • Protects confidentiality, integrity and availability of information
  • Reduces costs that are associated with information security
  • Improves the overall company culture

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Our Team

Our information security team is comprised of experienced industry leading experts in cyber security having years of experience. Our professionals have attained multiple Hall of Fame by reporting many vulnerability issues on top websites. They work closely to define strategies and ensure that all the solutions meet the current and future needs of the client.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I secure my system from any cyber-attack?
    In order to secure your website, you can protect your system with a password and prevent others from logging in and using the systems and files. You can also install and enable your computer’s firewall to block potentially harmful traffic. Encrypt sensitive information to protect it from being misused or if it is lost or stolen. You can also configure your systems to automatically lock after every 15 minutes.
  • What is a malware and how can I get rid of it?
    It is a short form of malicious software and are used by hackers to impair your device’s function or steal any data or even gain control of your device itself. It is usually downloaded unknowingly when the users open an infected website and it can record each keystroke and report it to the hackers. Your information in the computer can be protected against a malware by installing an anti-virus software and running it. you can also consider 24/7 web maintenance support services.
  • What is encryption?
    Encryption means protecting the files and devices where you can send a file by changing the content either by using an encryption technique or making it unreadable with appropriate key or password. IDS Logic helps you to enhance your web encryption status and make it a reliable system.
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