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Online Reputation Management: Prevent Negative Publicity and Restore Your Brand Image

Your customers find you by searching online in Google and other search engines. But what if they end up with a negative listing or comment about your business next to it. No matter how good your business is doing, it can do a serious damage to your business. You can possibly not control what others say about your business online, but the good thing is that, we at IDS Logic, a reliable online reputation management company can help you control what people see when they search for your business online.

Our online reputation management services are designed to manage, monitor, control and report your online brand reputation. And our experienced team tracks what is being said about you online in various forums, blogs and internet as a market place. If you have found that your business or brand has already got bad reviews or negative comments when people search for it online, then our online reputation management India team can help you get these negative comments pushed down to the second and third page of the search results.

What We have to Offer Our Clients?

The first impression is the last impression and if the search engine reflects negative information about your company, then it will lead to poor reputation and even missed opportunities. We use reverse techniques to fix the damage and ensure positive and credible internet reputation. Our ORM services include:

  • Customized strategy development for best results
  • Remove bad reviews, negative internet stories etc
  • Regular monitoring and maintenance
  • Fix negative information on Search Engines
  • Remove any information on litigation or court cases
  • Create a social media policy
  • Delete any Rip off Reports
  • Create and optimize content

The push up and push down method

Negative comments about your company showing up in the search result can cause incredible damage to your reputation. So our online reputation management team prepares a comprehensive report of all the negative and slanderous comments and pushes them down in the search results and pushes up the positive results so that your business shows in a positive light.

To protect your brand reputation, we find ways to push down the negative results and this depends on three main things: the number of complaints that exists currently, the number of pages you want to push down the negative comments and how competitive your present situation is.
Based on this, we create fresh and positive content and also create links to already existing positive comments and lift them in the search engines organic listing through inbound link building efforts. This helps our clients to create a good reputation online and maintain a positive identity online. We also monitor the social media market places e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.

We shall also populate the top search positions with positive results about your business or brand. By filling the top search results with positive links in various search engines ensures that your audience only sees the positive results and good links about your business.

So don’t let negative information damage your brand image. Contact us today and know more about our services.

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