Ensuring Business Critical Data are Safe, Easily Accessible and Highly Optimized

With huge amounts of data pouring in from varied channels and formats, it has become a crucial task for the organizations to store and manage business data effectively. Since most of the data is important and helps in building important business reports, it is imperative to maintain them so that busy professionals can easily retrieve, share and also derive insights from such data. It is here that database management services can resolve your worries and strengthen your business by giving it the power to lead.

As a trusted database management service provider, we at IDS Logic help you with robust data management solutions and applications for your expanding data profile, so that you can focus specially on your core business activities. With more than a decade of experience, we offer comprehensive solutions for small, medium and large enterprises.

Advantages of Using Database Management Services

As a reputed DBMS company, we carefully build a strategy that is in alignment with the data requirements of your organization. By availing our DBMS services, you can better manage your data:

Quick access to highly secured data:

Information that is stored in a database management system is highly secured from any unauthorized users. Users having authentic rights can only access it without wasting their time. Hence it is saved from any sort of misuse or manipulation.

Easy sharing:

Data that is stored and managed properly is always easy to share with authorized users of any organization. Based on the profile of the users, the DB administrator can give access rights to them. Any data can be accessed by many users simultaneously and this helps the users to share it among various applications.

Centralized data:

If you have huge amounts of data, then you will need a robust DBMS system to manage it. Online database management software offers a centralized means to store data having better security and integration capabilities.

Backup and recovery process: 

With DBMS services, you don’t need any manual process to keep a backup of your data. Most service providers use backup and recovery options that are automated so that the data can be recovered whenever needed.

Reduced data redundancy:

With a DBMS system, data that is used by various departments of an organization, the changes of data redundancy and duplicity is reduced to a great extent. This ensures consistency in data as any updates are instantly available to the users.

Great integration capabilities: 

There are many tables where data is stored and this allows creation of many constraints and relationships between tables. High integration capabilities of DBMS systems make data retrieval and update quite easy for the users.

Our Key Database Management Services Include:

We offer a wide range of technologies to our clients so that they can easily manage their important business data and have complete control on its usage.

Data assessment and evaluation services

  • Governance and security
  • Operations standardization
  • Capacity optimization
  • Database/ERP vulnerability assessment
  • Tools evaluation
  • Upgrades and rollout assessment

Develop and implementation services:

  • Implement high availability solutions
  • Upgrade versions and patch set
  • Cross platform migration
  • Implement security standards
  • Performance standardization
  • Third party integration

Maintenance services:

  • Incident management
  • Data monitoring
  • Backup and recovery
  • Performance tuning
  • Security and space management
  • SLA management

Database Technologies That We Support:

As one of the best database management companies, we offer a comprehensive range of services that include various technologies.


This is a very popular RDBMS model and is one of the most accepted and trusted models of all.

  • Easy to manage and great migration capabilities
  • Information management and application development
  • Quick access and retrieval of data
  • Industry compliance and good performance standards

MSSQL database:

This is an online database management software by Microsoft that helps with retrieving and storing data based on the user’s request.

  • Provides real time analytical processing
  • Support various tasks for the SQL server
  • Offers an integrated framework for database authoring and SQL service engine management
  • Great accessibility and DR practices


This is a popular DBMS solution and it uses the architecture of the documents or files to arrange the data.

  • Great scalability and availability
  • Document oriented, unlike other relational DBMS
  • Can store various data types: structured, unstructured and polymorphic
  • Supports many users and offers request generation capabilities


This is a basic component of LAMP and is an open source online database management software stack:

  • Ability to update versions
  • Offers multiple engines for storing information and data files
  • Wide range of parameters to support cross platform applications
  • Great integration with query catching ability

Why Choose IDS Logic?

All our services offer continuous support to enterprises so that they can continue with their business crucial processes smoothly without any hurdles.

  • Expertise across various technologies
  • End to end project responsibility
  • SLA defined support to ensure high availability of data
  • 24X7 monitoring for data security and recovery
  • Proactive problem management
  • Efficient data processing for informed decision making

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