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Leveraging the Benefits of Joomla CMS for Business Website


Joomla CMS is continuously evolving and every now and then, the latest updates hit the market. To keep your site updated and performing is not an easy task. It should constantly undergo various modifications and enhancements that can make the application perform to its standards.

At IDS Logic, we have a dedicated Joomla website maintenance and support team offering services that ensure proper technical operation of your website and also allows your resources to focus on your core business activities.

Joomla Maintenance and Support Services Include:

  • Website speed optimization:
    Low speed of your site may result in losing important clients. Our skilled staffs will help you to attain great speed for your website.
  • Troubleshooting & performance tuning:
    Our support team will have a constant eye on the performance of your site and in case of any issues, they will fix it instantly without any delay.
  • Third party software installation:
    If you are willing to enhance the performance of your website, we can help you to install and integrate any third party software seamlessly.
  • Bug and error fixing:
    Worried about CSS issues, jQuery, PHP errors or etc.? Our skilled technical staffs are here to fix any sort of Joomla issues easily.
  • Resolving malware attack:
    In case of any malware attack, our professionals will help you to fix it soon so that search engines don’t block visitors from accessing the site.
  • Migration and upgradation:
    Migrating your existing site to Joomla is easy as our developers help you to switch to the latest version seamlessly saving your time and effort at a minimum cost.

Why Hire us for Your Joomla Maintenance and Support Needs?

  • Experienced and skilled technical staffs
  • Flexible plans to meet business needs
  • High data security
  • Strong communication through various channels
  • Cost effective pricing
  • Quick solutions, saving both time and money

Our Joomla experts offer an ideal solution to ensure smooth functioning of their website and also looks after the complete management and administration of the website.

IDS Logic Services

Why do You Need Professional Joomla Support?

With businesses having to take care of a wide range of activities and operations, managing regular updates and technical needs may become a challenging task for the in-house team members.

  • With constant software and security updates, there is a constant need to keep a proper track of everything.
  • Hectic schedules and other business priorities leaves very less time for website maintenance and regular updates.
  • Testing of the site is essential to avoid security breaches and the updates need to be checked before applying to a live website.
  • Hiring experience support staff can be expensive when only a few hours of work are needed every month.
  • The sites that are not updated from time to time, often becomes the victim of cyber-attacks and there may be loss of important data.
  • With a support package, you get unlimited support from expert technical staff with whom you can discuss the problems and find solutions.
  • Business owners want a trouble free environment, and professional maintenance services can assure that, whatever be the problem, you are in safe hands
  • With guaranteed response time and unparalleled client service, you can focus on your core activities instead of having to worry about technical issues.

Do You Need Joomla Maintenance Service? You are at the Right Place.

At IDS Logic, we have the expertise to offer client centric solutions by using the latest techniques. With a highly skilled team, having worked on varied projects, we ensure that our solutions are the best means to remain ahead in the competitive market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many support requests can I send every month?
    There is no limit to it. You can ask as many questions you want and if your site is covered by our maintenance and support service, then we take care of it right away. Sometimes we may share with you a link for further information or sometimes send a quick answer. In case your site isn’t covered by a support plan, we would be happy to offer you an estimate of it.
  • What should I do if I don’t need monthly support services?
    There are many website owners who love to manage their Joomla website themselves and don’t need an ongoing service. But we are always there to help you in case you need help configuring any Joomla extension, upgrade to the latest version, clean a hacked website or etc. For more information, check our service section.
  • Do you give any discounts if I want to manage multiple Joomla websites?
    Yes of course, we definitely offer some discounts if you offer us bulk work. We work with many agencies and corporate having multiple Joomla websites. But for more details, you need to talk to our support executives
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