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Blockchain is a latest technology or a shared, immutable ledger that is used for recording the history of various financial transactions. It helps to record data securely and has the profound potential to drive a positive change in the field of digital remittances. With great advancements in the distributed ledger technology, many industry verticals are leveraging it so as to remove intermediaries from any financial or legal transactions.

IDS Logic, a blockchain consultant and service provider offer clients with a complete view of the potential business implications of blockchain based solutions. Our team of experts works with our customers and help them to build smart strategies considering effective investment and implementation. All our solutions help store digital records in an auditable and secure manner, which allows a safe and speedy transfer of business assets.

Why Use a Blockchain?

Some of the most relevant reasons that many companies or organizations are embracing the blockchain technology are:

• Reduced risk of fraud: Having data and records decentralized using blockchain makes it impossible for anyone to tamper with the documents.

• Redundancy: You will have the same data distributed all over and don’t have to worry if you lose your copy.

• Accountability: It ensures that everything that is logged on the blockchain is authentic and accurate.

• Overhead or cost reduction:Y The decentralized network helps organizations to offload security, hosting and other maintenance costs.

• Security:Y Traditional servers often have the risk of getting hacked, but with blockchain, once the data is logged, it is encrypted and sealed.

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How Blockchain Works in the IT Industry?

Blockchain has already created a great impact across various industry verticals and the IT industry is no exception. Encrypted communication channels are gaining popularity and at the same time, digital storage is also now the latest medium for storing data. But with cyber-attacks increasing, blockchain based identity networks can help users, individuals and companies to control and manage their identities.

Digital advertising is also growing where more and more people are spending time on their laptops or phones. Various applications are developed for supply chain and to reach the audiences and personal data is also collected to further target individuals. Blockchain technology offers various tools for authorization and authentication in the digital world.

Some of Our Key Blockchain Services:

At IDS Logic, we offer a wide range of Blockchain services that help organizations to develop distributed ledger technology that:

  • Online crypto Exchange:
  • Online crypto trading:
  • Coin development with hard fork or smart contract (ICO) with MVP
  • Blockchain mining algorithm customization
  • Online wallet API with auto deposit and withdraw
  • Blockchain backend support

Why choose IDS Logic for Blockchain Solutions?

Experienced resources: Our team of experts in this field has unrivalled technical expertise in blockchain development and can act as an advisor whenever needed.

Quick responders: We understand that time is very precious and put out best effort to efficiently integrate with your resources to develop quick solutions to reach your goals.

Proper management: Once you offer your project to us, you will be assigned a project manager who will keep you updated about the proceedings of the projects at regular intervals.

Customized services: We work with you to find the best solution that fits your exact business needs, so that you can not only stay in the race, but also remain ahead of your competitors.

Security experts: Our team members are familiar with the latest security threats and can develop Smart and secured codes in general.