Project Based Hiring

Fixed scope, Fixed cost , Fixed timescales.

If the scope of the project is reasonably clear at the time of commencement then project based hiring could be most suitable and cost effective means of outsourcing.

In this model we agree on a fixed scope of the requirement based on the project scope document supplied by customer. We then provide a fixed cost and timescales for delivery of the project.

This model is ideally suited for digital agencies that are generally are able to analyze client’s project in detail and can provide scope documentation. Typical projects could be e-commerce, CMS Integration, SEO or SEM services.

Project Based Hiring Benefits

This model is most suitable for those businesses that have explicit requirements right from the start of the project.
Hassle-free task completion

If you know the project scope well ahead of time, there is minimum or no probability of errors or problems at the later stages of the assignment.
Timely delivery

You get great peace of mind from your projects being delivered as per the stipulated timelines, making it all convenient for you.
Predetermined costs

You know about the project costs well in advance, and there are no chances of any discrepancy once the project gets completed.
Managing & tracking ease

Managing and tracking the progress of a number of projects becomes an easy task when you outsource them as per this model.

Project Based Hiring is most suitable for:

  • Fixed scope projects
  • Open Source projects
  • Search marketing projects
  • e-Commerce projects
  • CMS Integration
  • Content Development