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Go Multilingual, Go Global!

Creating a website is a business necessity. But going an extra mile to deliver ultimate customer satisfaction contributes to business growth. As the internet continues to become the prime medium for information and services, companies are also aspiring to enhance their potential on the international stage to ensure flexibility and adaptability to customer requirements. Since multilingual website design in PHP or any other platform makes business more accessible to people all over the globe, it is crucial.

If you want to create numerous foreign-language equivalents of your main website, then IDS Logic can be your multilingual website development outsourcing partner. With multiple marketing strategies targeting different regions, audiences and social strata, our software development experts can help your organization be on the crest of the wave.

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Our Key Multilingual Services

As a multilingual web development agency, we assist organizations and companies to realize the potential of becoming international players and help them capitalize on the internet marketplace through our varied multilingual website design services in India. Our offshore team consists of experts who are experienced in languages like JavaScript, PHP, HTML, XML etc, creative designers and specialists having proficiency in developing websites in various languages.

  • Multilingual website development and designing
  • Web designs with graphically arresting elements
  • Content creation services
  • Promotion of sites in search engines

Platforms We Cater For


Our Reactjs developers are well versed and specialized in building frontend applications and we guarantee the best services that fits you.

The Benefits Of Multilingual Web Development

  • Instant translation of the web pages into desired language
  • Display text according to the Geo location of the user
  • No changes in the dynamic structure of the website
  • Increased web traffic
  • Enhanced user experience

You can have a closer look at our case studies and projects to find out more about our implementation of multi-language solutions.

If you are planning to create a multi language website, contact us soon and our experts will help you with this challenging task!

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Why Do You Need A Multi-Language Website?


We normally expect a site to be developed in English, but when someone is interested in the information and doesn’t know a single word in English, he / she would perhaps expect to find a translation of the page into the native tongue. If your site does not support multi-language, you miss out on the business opportunity.

Because it allows you to display the information of your website based on the geo location of the user, you gain more visibility. From promoting your products to offering services through our solutions, we can help you grow and become global.

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