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Using AngularJS to Build Compelling User Interfaces

IDS Logic is a reputed AngularJS development company operating from India having a track record of developing web and mobile app that are robust, scalable, secure and easy to use. It is our experience of more than 11 years that we have a complete understanding of the full stack of JS technologies. Whether you are a small, medium or large scale business enterprise, we use our core skills of programming and development to create applications that have a user friendly interface and helps to boost business growth.

Why AngularJS for Web Development

Our team of AngularJS developers makes use of latest technologies and cutting edge tools to develop end to end solutions so that our clients can benefit from the highly extensible framework. We focus on writing clean codes so that the application is easy to maintain and customize whenever needed. Our developers and designers adhere to strict design principles so that your application works effectively.

What Makes AngularJS the Best Choice?

Developers and business owners have always tried to focus on building applications that could save their time and money. Some attractive features of AngularJS are:

MVC framework: AngularJS offers a smooth Model View Control Architecture, which makes it easier for the developers to create client side web applications. The MVC elements that are created separately are combined easily by using AngularJS framework.

POJO model: The Plain Old JavaScript Objects are very self-sufficient when it is all about functionality. It gives spontaneous and clear code that helps in developing highly interactive and user friendly web based apps.

Less codes: AngularJS development needs very less coding as it doesn’t need separate codes for the MVC. Since the directives and app codes have different codes, these two can be written by two different teams simultaneously.

User interface with HTML: AngularJS uses HTML to develop the user interface and it uses very short tags and is simple to understand and also gives an organized and easy to use interface.

Unit testing: Another best feature of AngularJS is that it makes use of unit testing that helps to create high quality applications. The code can be divided into smaller testable parts so that the mistakes can easily be detected.

Efficient data binding: Data binding is very efficient in AngularJS development, which means that the view layer is an exact representation of the model. Any changes made in the model layer will be reflected in the view layer and vice versa.

Some Benefits of Using AngularJS Application Developed:

  • Great speed and high performance
  • Development across various platforms
  • Huge market base of users
  • Awesome tools available
  • Two-way data binding
  • Localization possible
  • Reusable codes and components
  • Legacy browser support

Our Key Services Include:

IDS Logic offers AngularJS development solutions for web and mobile applications that requires, CSS, HTML and JavaScript on the client side with a great architectural design that is easy to maintain and test with various devices. We offer

  • Web application development
  • Mobile application development
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Migration and support

If you are interested in our AngularJS services and have a project in hand, then talk to us for more information.

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