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Overview of Mobile Intelligence (MI) Tools

If you run a business in the field of life science, then it is a must for you to make the most of this comprehensive CRM system which fits into your company needs, just the way you want.

With Cedegim’s Mobile Intelligence, CRM and CLM solutions, business owners can now stay ahead of market challenges. It allows you to manage your CRM solutions effectively with identical configuration tools across various devices that include the iPhone and iPad services and even the new iPad mini, Windows PC and Windows 8 Surface. Cedegim offers technological tools, data flow management, specialized software services and databases and all its offerings are targeted to the health care industry, insurance companies and life science companies.

We at IDS Logic have the capability to work with their MI Tools and can help your employees perform better and increase work collaboration with their peers and keep customers engaged across your preferred channels. Our developers are well aware of their technology and can successfully and seamlessly integrate their services to your existing one.

Platform on which MI CLM works

For the high end and ground-breaking MI CLM to work effectively, businesses require a platform which is:

  • Web based
  • Apple iOS
  • W8 tablet
  • Web based for Admin and iPad/W8 tablets for sales representatives

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The New Age CRM to Optimize Your Business

Do you need a Life Sciences focused CRM that is flexible enough to cater to your bespoke needs? Are you looking for a system that can be implemented fast and can give you customer insights and feedback like never before?

If so, then enjoy the New Age CRM and get meaningful customer insights and information with this cutting edge technology.

If you run a business in the field of life science, then it is a must for you to make the most of this comprehensive CRM system which fits into your company needs, just the way you want.

Go for this pre-validated solution, available in Shared Cloud SaaS or Private Cloud SaaS, which can be easily scaled as per the specific requirements of your business.

Benefits of the revolutionary MI

  • Improved integration of CRM, CLM, support, data, compliance, analytics, remote detailing as well as resource assignment
  • Superior CRM functionality with single click approach to manage resources, strategies and activity allocations
  • Staying connected with data warehouse, Finance and HR systems
  • Better and more interactive field visits with the provision of accurate and on time information
  • Easy management of multiple devices with a single platform
  • Improved product promotion and better delivery of products that meet customer demands, based on live interest track of the customers, their feedback and detailed customer insights
  • Better customer engagement with face-to-face CLM, personalised messages and product presentations for every customer
  • A significant reduction in TCO
  • Dedicated workspace to post and/or store documents for hassle free online and offline retrieval
  • Increased business productivity and well established customer relationships
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