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Build websites, CMS and robust software applications with .NET frameworks

.NET is a popular software framework that is developed by Microsoft and uses a variety of languages to create dynamic web applications. With a wide catalog of features and an approachable interface, .NET is a go to developer platform for creating web, mobile, gaming and IoT applications.

Fueled by more than 13 years of experience and creativity, IDS Logic is a leading Dot NET web development company in India. We have a team of .NET developers having capabilities to deliver unique solutions that are tailored to each client’s needs. If you are looking for powerful, highly functional and scalable software applications that use the best practices of dot NET development, then we can help you to create brilliant solutions through our dotnet core development services.

Our Comprehensive .NET Development Services in India:

When you avail our dot NET development services, you will be able to attain your project vision effectively and cost efficiently. Be it public, or private cloud or client devices, our customized .NET solution can help various industry verticals:


ASP.NET Development

At IDS Logic, all our developers possess years of experience in creating large scale ASP.NET web application that is high performing by incorporating the latest flavors like ASP.NET MVC 4, ASP.NET 4.5 and ASP.NET Core.


Windows Azure Development

Azure can be best introduced as the most authenticated cloud computing and hosting solution. At IDS Logic, we offer our clients located in Australia, Canada, UK, USA to use the benefits of Azure through our experience that we have earned all these years.


.Net Desktop Application

Our desktop application development team is highly experienced in developing the Windows GUI applications, Windows Smart Client apps by using the Windows Presentation, Windows Console apps and Windows Store apps for Windows 8 and etc.

.NET Migration Services

We help our clients to migrate from their legacy desktop applications to the web with .NET by following the latest designs and practices. We cater to a wide variety of scenarios so that you can leverage our experience during your migration process.

.NET Integration Services

Our integration services fully support the Microsoft .NET framework in the industry specific use of products and tools. We offer easy integration of 3rd party applications, ERP, CRM, custom modules, payment gateway, cloud and etc.

.Net Mobile App Development

We have years of experience in developing application on the Windows platform and our mobile app developers have created rich and cool Windows Phone apps that are responsive, offer a great UI/UX and at the same time solve various business challenges.

Advantages of Using .NET Platforms for Business Applications

  • Less coding: Choosing .NET development is a great way to create an application as it requires a lot less coding.
  • Reliability: The codes written in .NET are highly reliable which means that they need less maintenance work.
  • Easy deployment:Deploying .NET applications are easier as we ensure that there aren’t any bugs and that everything is working as per the requirement.
  • Multiple platforms: .NET works well with languages like C++, C# and etc. and it can also be used on a wide range of platforms.
  • Enhanced security: .NET frameworks are highly secured as there are numerous algorithms and elements that ensure this.
Partners with Award Winning .NET Development Agency

Let’s be Partners:

IDS Logic is an ISO 9001 certified software and application development company with a strong team of highly skilled .NET experts offering result oriented and competitive solutions to both large and SMEs across the globe.

  • Process oriented and high focus on quality solutions
  • Efficient and cost effective contracts
  • Delivery of true business value to clients
  • Continuous improvement through adoption of new frameworks
  • Research and training on new tools to offer the right solutions

Partner with Us Today!

Hire Our Dedicated .NET Developers in India

Our dedicated developers deliver reliable .NET web development solutions that cater to the objectives and needs of your business irrespective of your location, industry vertical and size. Our developers can create:

  • Enterprise applications
  • .NET core database management solutions
  • IoT embedded systems
  • B2B portal development solutions
  • Cloud integrations
  • Build customized CMS using the MVC architecture

dedicated developers

Our .NET Projects: What We Have Done So Far

Take a look at how we have helped our clients attain the competitive advantage in the market!

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