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“Bonus Club is a reputed cashback website that requires the users to sign up to get into the system so that they can see a lot of offers that they can purchase to get some additional cashback or bonuses. The website also offers different kinds of bonuses that include a birthday bonus, monthly bonus and a regular cash bonus. Every user can claim their bonus only after the transaction is approved and the users can claim it, which the client pays outside the website through the PayPal payment gateway. ”

bonus club case study
Bonus club- Umbraco CMS website


  • Bonus club wanted a fresh and innovative website to engage and inform the visitors while establishing their credibility in the market.
  • The main objective of developing the website was mainly to attract the users so that they can take advantage of the bonus offers that are displayed on the Bonus Club website and make money from affiliate marketing networks.
  • They wanted a new website, which would allow the public to access a wide variety of content and include the ability to sign up and access the various offers.
  • The long term ambition of the site was to compete with the top cashback companies in the industry and the short term goal was to create a rich and functional website that needs less manual inputs from the website administrators managing the Bonus Club website.


Solutions that fulfilled Bonus Club’s requirements

  • After having an initial discussion with the client, our business analyst and developers approached this project and decided to use Umbraco CMS for the website.
  • A customized solution was accomplished using the flexible features of Umbraco development and the web pages were built with agility.
  • The key reason for choosing Umbraco to design the website is its lightweight nature, modern approach to development and flexibility. Since the site needed to showcase the best of what was actually available online, some integrations had to be done to enhance the services.
  • Our developers used the extensible features of Umbraco and integrated the website with a large number of external systems at the client’s request and this allowed Bonus Club to continue with their usual business processes in terms of customer management and marketing.
  • The main integration was with the Active Campaign, which allowed the client to create as well as send marketing materials to all the website subscribers. Some customizations in the Umbraco CMS website helped to enhance the security benefits and have complete control on the site. IDS Logic has also provided Umbraco CMS and backend software training to Bonus Club.
CMS Platform


Customized the project as per client’s requirements

  • It is assumed that after the site is launched, the attention and engagement generated from the site will help them to build new customer relationships, share knowledge and educate their prospects on availing the services, which will produce very positive results.
  • The website offers a beautiful, interactive digital experience that helps to attract, engage and educate the end users. The new site allows the public to access the varied content and services and get free publications and stay informed.
Bonus club- Umbraco CMS Development project

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