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“Krueger Guitars is a company offering specialist services to musicians primarily in the North of Germany, but it also has a national and international reach for its custom designs. The business provides maintenance and repair services and a flagship custom build option for those looking for a bespoke handmade guitar.”



    • Working with our creative partner Pawlo Designs, the client’s business and creative needs were assessed.
    • These were primarily to help the client to reach out to the regional musician community and to provide a clear business offer around three key themes all designed to grow a long term relationship with potential customers.

1-Instrument Service
2-Repairs and restorations
3-Custom build

  • Each section had to be easy to access, distinct and geared to their specific needs and requirements.
  • The site also had to reach out beyond the immediate region and so it had to be built in dual language German and English to help capture the custom build audience.
  • Musicians are highly attached to their instruments and need to trust those who they leave them with.
  • The use of reassuring language and a clearly honed description of services too were important.
  • Imagery and audio were also critical, the site also had to be content managed to allow for continual contact with the target audience.


Solutions that fulfilled the Krueger Guitars’s requirements

  • Listening to our client is vital. The business has a clear philosophy of developing a strong and lasting relationship with its clients.
  • We employed WordPress as the core engine with a theme to build the site and applied WPML module to handle the dual language aspect.
  • The solution allowed for easy inclusion of galleries, audio and blog, all essential for effective communication with the potential target audience.
  • Several custom photo-shoots and recording sessions were commissioned to enhance the site’s content and user experience.
  • We also used a clear funneling process based on the three core aspects of the business.
  • This approach was employed on the Home Page allowing easy access to all three core areas.
  • This was further reinforced via a bespoke set of three banners designed around the key sections with a clear and user friendly navigation.
  • To ensure the site’s visibility in the required geographical location, we carried out an on-site SEO task to build page titles and descriptions rooted in that location and services.
  • All tags were of dual language with the German version focusing on the local market and the English tweaked more to an international audience.
Technology Given
CMS Platoform
Front-End Technology
Technical SEO Support


Easy inclusion of galleries, audio and blog to reach audience effectively

  • A clearly laid out and easy to navigate and maintain, user friendly, dual language, responsive website that captures the essence of the client’s business offers and the visual and audible excellence of their custom designs.
  • The client’s journey and enticement to a long-term relationship is clear and encourages potential clients to start small and grow to the ultimate position of commissioning.
krueger guitars- WordPress CMS based website

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