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“Siemensbreakers is a leading sole authorized supplier of all Siemens SB accessories and breakers and the company also offers insulated breakers for most of the manufacturers. The company operates from California and has been serving a wide range of clients for over 45 years. It is their high quality services that have helped them to earn a good reputation in the market.”

siemenssbbreaker Magento eCommerce Case Study
case study siemenssb breaker


  • The client already had their business website developed on the Magento platform, but the management recognized that the site was underperforming because it lacked some features that are essential for business growth and great customer experience.
  • The company offers a wide range of products and their main goal was to boost the traffic to the site and satisfy customer needs in the most intuitive and comfortable way.
  • The target was to add some extra Magento features to the existing one.
  • Therefore the challenge was to promote the online store to the customers who have purchased Siemens SB accessories and breakers from physical dealers, keep a track of the inventory and also to provide exemplary follow up customer service so as to ensure a great customer experience, which would further lead to repeat customers.


Solutions that fulfilled the Siemens SB Breakers’s requirements

  • At IDS Logic, our development team has extensive knowledge of the Magento development platform and we worked extensively with the client staff to gather all the requirements of the specific project.
  • We planned the best features that could be implemented on the site and defined the online marketing strategy.
  • As the client already had an existing Magento based website, and wanted to add some extra features, we needed to plan the integration carefully to ensure that they are always up to date with the stock levels in their warehouse.
  • The responsive design theme helped the team to effectively deliver an optimized mobile experience.
  • Our expert team developed integration between the online store and the inventory management system so that all the stock levels could easily be checked and maintained and a message for a call for availability request could easily be sent.
  • Another important feature that was added to the existing site was that various levels of discounts were made available to the registered customers, who could enjoy it based on the agreed level of sales.
Technology Given
CMS Platoform
Front-End Technology


More stable, secured and easy to manage solution

  • Just recently launched, the new website proved to be very efficient in handling the business processes and showed that the goals were being appropriately realized.
  • The site was able to serve the customers better than before and also maintained the records of the inventory.
  • The online store was more stable, secured and easy to manage while having a wide reach and allowing the client to get products to the farthest and even the most remote corners.
  • The site ultimately increased traffic, which in return enhanced the business revenues.
Siemens SB Breakers- Magento eCommerce store

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