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Your Website and Our Service:


Your CMS website is your prime platform for engagement. To keep it well maintained, you need to choose the plugins, themes and many other customizations to enhance the functionality of your website and to keep your audiences engaged. These choices and decisions are the factors that might affect the performance of your site. We at IDS Logic, will do everything that is needed to help you succeed or even respond to various issues that may arise in a professional manner. We also offer guidance on best practices related to CMS security and performance.

There are many CMS platforms in the market that are used to maintain websites for schools, academic centers, blogging sites, administrative units and etc. With millions of users working on the improvements of these platform, new updates are regularly issued and in many cases even small improvements may bring about a great impact on your site.

The main concerns are adjustments of the functionalities and necessary security updates. It is highly recommended to keep a regular track of the updates and carry them out on your website.

The Service Level Agreement or the SLA is an integral part of your agreement and defines the terms of our responsibility at IDS Logic with respect to the services that we provide and about the remedies in any case that we fail to meet the service commitments. The SLA represents our sole obligation and the sole remedy for any failures involved in the process.

The Service Commitments Under This SLA:

100% availability:

Your website will be available 24X7, except during the scheduled maintenance. CMSs are hosted on a highly secure architecture and we guarantee that it will be functioning 100% of the time in a given month. We will offer automated remote monitoring, on call support staff, functionalities needed to deliver content and interactivity to the site visitors and nightly data backups.

All maintenance that would result in outages would be announced to the administrators, content publishers and developers via emails.


Based on the type of business and your requirements, we will settle the frequency of backups of your website. In case the changes are made every few hours, we will take a backup of your site on a regular basis.

This will be done when there is minimum traffic on your site, especially the morning hours when visitors are usually low on sites. Our backup process may vary from daily to weekly or monthly, but this will totally depend on your specific business needs.

Content updates and review responsibilities:

Website administrators and content publishers are those who are responsible for the accuracy of the content and the links. Corrections may be suggested to the content editors and the administrators by our help desk members.

In case the impact on the site visitor is very high and correction is needed urgently, then a member of our CMS support team will take the responsibility to make the correction.

When it comes to managed software update cycle and the addition of some updated or plugins, the additions and retirements are performed on the development environment and learning environment and then on the production environment. Any changes that are related to the CMS code updates, plugins, removals or enhancements, will be communicated to the content authors and administrators.

The administrators are responsible for testing and viewing their sites and offering a feedback on any issues that are reported to the CMS support.


At IDS Logic, our website and maintenance team guarantees the functioning of all the server hardware components and any failed component will be replaced soon. By hardware, we mean hard drive, motherboard, processors, RAM, NIC card and also other hardware that is included with the server. The hardware replacement will only begin after the cause of the problem is identified. The replacement is guaranteed to be complete soon after the problem identification.

Service credit requests:

The SLA claims must be filled in writing to us within 7 days of any incident and the support ticket should also include all the desired information that includes the server name, full description of the incident, IP address and any other logs if applicable. After proper verification, the SLA credits will be issued against future invoices for the services.

In order to qualify for all the Service Credits, it is important for you to clear all the payment obligations, not violate the terms of service or any other procedures and policies of ours.

Right to modify the SLA:

Our Service Level Agreement is subject to changes as needed by the policies, guidelines, procedures, operational support and security requirements. But before any changes are made, our team will notify you in advance.

Should you wish to continue or terminate as a result of the modification, you are free to do so by sending a termination notice to us any time before the effective date of such modification. In case of the absence of any termination notice, the modified SLA will be applicable from the effective data as long as you are willing to retain the support services from us.

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