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Customer Centric DevOps Services that Modernize Business Applications

DevOps is the combination of application development, practices, tools and system operations that seek an approach, which is much more streamlined and aligns with Quality Assurance. It boosts the organization’s ability to deliver various applications and services while evolving and improving the products by using software development and infrastructure management processes.

IDS Logic offers DevOps development solutions to help clients with the most effective solutions that are aimed at reducing costs, simplifying development and maximizing the ROI. As a DevOps consulting partner, our team of experts ensure close collaboration between the IT team and the software engineering team. We help enterprises experience enhanced security, high performance of applications and tools and manage a well-planned infrastructure.

Our Dev Ops Services Include:

Business organizations that are finding it difficult to scale their operations, accelerate speed to market and increase agility can become partners with us to enhance their IT processes, collaboration, communication and integration. Our DevOps development services ensure on-boarding of applications by offering continuous integration and automating end to end delivery pipeline across various leading platforms.


DevOps Consulting

Our experts help you to scale your business with managed services that offer automation and efficiency to make organizational changes hassle free. We offer guidance to our clients so that all their needs can be addressed efficiently.


DevOps Automation

Automating the projects make companies more agile and efficient while reducing the overall production time and risk. We help our clients accelerate their IT operations to attain success.


Continuous Integration and Delivery

Continuous integration leads to clearer codes and that helps to improve code quality, create reports and reduce project risks. We help them to reach the market faster.


DevOps Assessment

Our team of experts assess your DevOps practice and audit your present infrastructure, analyze the key points for your business and recommend tools and processes that makes project deployment easy and smooth.

planning- artitecture

DevOps Management

Our DevOps professionals offer support for infrastructure management, configuration management and environment management, which help in improving scalability and reliability.

DevOps Benefits

Business Benefits of Using DevOps Development

DevOps is a process that puts the development and IT operations in the same pipeline and this method helps the organization with both teams work together seamlessly for continuous development feedback and deployment and testing. The process helps to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • Boost response time
  • Reduce costing
  • Increase alignment to business goals
  • Enhance employee productivity and satisfaction
  • Improve business agility

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Customized DevOps solutions

IDS Logic, in India has a pool of resources having expertise in developing customized DevOps solutions for better and effective collaboration that helps to meet specific business needs. We understand the client’s requirements and based on the challenges they are facing, we build solutions that are deployment ready and have passed through a standardized test process.

Advantages of Working with IDS Logic?

  • We offer innovative and effective solutions
  • Our services ensure optimum development & operations
  • Easy and hassle free migration to cloud solutions
  • Smooth communication means and services
  • Manage the development team effortlessly
  • Receive expert assistance to solve any issues post delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is there a need of DevOps?
    DevOps is needed when two teams work for the same project. but with different thought processes. It helps the developers and the operations community to collaborate and use many techniques that make the process work together in mutual cooperation.
  • Which industries can use DevOps?
    DevOps can be used in practically every industry that depends on software application delivery and other applications including web or mobile services. The sectors may include Home automation, industrial automation, medical devices, networking, video surveillance and etc.
  • Can DevOps be used to manage remote devices?
    Yes, DepOps can be helpful in remote device management also and it is the most efficient way to realize the vision of IoT as it supports bulk operations on many devices at the same time.
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