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Build Scalable Solutions That Address Your Data Processing Challenges

Gaining improved insights from structured or unstructured data sources is very important in order to take business decisions that are positive and contributes to the growth. Apache Hadoop is an open source software framework for data processing and big data analytics that help to store, process and analyze huge volumes of data in a distributed environment. Since it yields plentiful benefits, top brands are using Hadoop for creating big data solutions that are fast scalable, flexible and at the same time cost effective.

Offering technology solutions for more than a decade, IDS logic is a Hadoop consulting service provider helping clients develop and implement services that are customized to suit the operational environment of organizations of every size. Our Hadoop experts help companies address their challenges and provide them with unique insight on business data that is generated from various sources. From Hadoop deployment to installation and architecture to optimization and configuration, our team can help you with every aspect.

Drive Better Business Insights Out of Big Data

It is no secret that big data analytics is of exponential value for companies of all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, gaining access to technological capabilities for analyzing data in a short time period is difficult. IDS Logic, a Hadoop consultant company helps businesses meet their critical data processing needs and understand the ideal parts of Hadoop ecosystem that is best. We offer AI driven insights by leveraging core proficiency and technical expertise.

Core Hadoop Services We Render

We are a one stop solution for a wide range of Hadoop services and our big data developers consider careful planning and take up hands on role to ensure that the clients are ready for Hadoop migration or transition.

They can Offer Services Related to:

  • Big Data Consultation and Development
  • Hadoop Design and Architecture
  • Custom Development
  • Hadoop Implementation and Testing
  • Hadoop Migration
  • Hadoop Integration
  • Support and Maintenance
IDS Services

Key Benefits of Using Big Data Hadoop for Analysis

  • Highly scalable storage platform
  • Immense flexibility to access new data sources
  • Complete security and authentication
  • Fault tolerance as there are other copies of data available
  • Cost effective to process massive volumes of data
  • Much faster data processing due to distributed file system


As a reputed Hadoop consulting firm, all our developers are highly competent and their collective knowledge helps to solve various challenges across a range of industries including automation of digital marketing, intelligence gathering, detecting and preventing fraud, marketing through mobile devices and etc. Based on years of experience in data analytics, we are experts in Hadoop platform:

  • Create centralized data repository
  • Carry out pattern recognition for detecting frauds
  • Spot market trends and evaluate asset risks
  • Process, analyze and audit trails in Hadoop
  • Deliver analytical solution tailored to business needs



With years of experience in data analytics, our Hadoop developers can deliver analytical solutions fast. Our project portfolios include projects of different complexity and varied industries. We help organizations get maximum value out of their big data. Because of its concept of distributed storage, Hadoop does not require expensive hardware to deal with large volumes of data.

While designing the architecture, we select technology options that solve business tasks in an effective way. Our Hadoop consulting services also help companies having misconfigured Hadoop clusters to configure them, so that they can run smoothly without any issues.
Challenges in Big Data & Languages to Crunch It




  • Experienced Hadoop Architects
  • Transparent Communication
  • Trusted Delivery Methods
  • High Customer Satisfaction
  • Competitive Rates and Quotes

Industries That We Cater To

  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Web and eCommerce
  • Healthcare
  • Energy


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