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Service Level Agreement- for high quality and reliable service

Moodle is a popular LMS that is used by academic organizations, corporate sectors to offer training courses to their students or learners without having to attend the classroom sessions. At IDS Logic, we offer Moodle development services to our customers and help them attain their business goals.

Our Moodle Service Level Agreement is a document that helps to establish a two way understanding of the support services by the LMS user and our organization. The SLA lays out the principles and practices that we and the users need to strictly adhere to. The principles and standards are mentioned to deliver a high quality and reliable service while keeping the cost affordable and under control.

Support services:

Technical support is provided by the best method that is available and this will be done through various channels and training sessions.


Any staff or member of the organization can schedule an appointment requesting for assistance.


The members of the organization can call us and talk to our technical staff during business hours.

Regular information and updates:

The latest updates and information related to Moodle will be provided through emails or notices.


For those who work off-campus, we will provide screen sharing support by using remote support software or web conferencing.

Face to face meeting:

Any member of the organization is welcome to our office for assistance during current hours of operation or during business hours.

Service Definition:

The purpose of the service is to enhance the performance of your Moodle website and to protect it from any security attacks. IDS Logic offers the customers, maintenance and support of their academic and other administrative activities. The target audience for the service is staff members of the organization, administrators and current faculty for internet based activities and course content.

Upgrades and updates:

Any maintenance releases will be applied without any client notification and these will include bug fixes and security patches. IDS Logic will apply the latest version releases soon after the release of each major version and they will include changed or new functionalities. In this case, you will be notified of the deployment in advance. We reserve the right to modify the timings for improving the service levels.

We may also make changes in our SLA as required. And all the affected parties are free to either continue with the service or discontinue in case they don’t agree with the amendments.

Issue resolution:

If you experience any issue with your Moodle system, then a request for support has to be raised, but before the request is raised, you should make all efforts to reasonably check that the issue is not with your local environment. Once a ticket is raised, our technical staff will work on the request and offer you the best solution without wasting any time. If any additional support is needed, then the cost of the support will be set out of the regular maintenance service charges. Additional support may include training, setup assistance, resolution of issues caused by the site administrator, content creation changing of administrative settings and etc.

Intended usage:

Our service allows the users to configure and use Moodle LMS without being concerned about the hosting infrastructure. IDS Logic puts all the efforts to maintain the availability of the service within the service fees and any other requirements that arises from any specific usage of software will be an extra charge. Your site should only use the data, content or software that is typically owned by you or that you have a valid license for. Your organization must comply with the terms of that license.

Security and backup

Our technical team will protect all the client’s data through the use of best security practices and safeguard measures that include:

Strong storage of passwords that are processed with a cryptographic hash function.
Integrating Moodle security patches soon after they have been released by Moodle HQ
Regular maintenance of the site and the underlying IT infrastructure
At IDS Logic, our support and maintenance team also uses efforts to restore your system to full operation after any outages with minimum information loss limited to the data that is entered since the last backup. System data are replicated to a remote server at regular intervals.

Roles and responsibilities:

We will provide you with the required infrastructure, processes, technology and monitoring tools that is essential to deliver the Moodle support. We will notify the users of all the scheduled maintenance either through emails or system status. On the other hand, the users have to strictly adhere to the practices that work best with Moodle and avail any support or training sessions and read the online materials offered by us.

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