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Boost the Performance of Your E-store with Our Magento Services


Magento is a popular ecommerce platform that offers robust and scalable features to businesses so that they can create a functional and rich shopping store that helps customers purchase product online as per their convenience. We at IDS Logic, a reputed Magento ecommerce development company have worked with various customers from different verticals and have helped them to enhance the performance of their existing Magento site and keep up with the latest technological and innovative trends.
It is true that ecommerce websites often integrate many third party extensions and because of their malfunctioning they have to face low speed, and interruptions in processes. To solve these issues, our Magento team offers the best solutions that not only helps to boost the performance of the site, but also makes the site user friendly for both the customers and the search engines.

Magento website audit and speed optimization:

With more than 13 years of experience in handing Magento ecommerce projects, we also offer support for the technical site of your store and help you handle any issues efficiently.

At times, extensions or modules are mishandled or wrongly implemented resulting to website’s low speed and performance.

Bloated JavaScript or CSS may lead to slow download of pages and this affects the user experience as well as the site’s rankings.

Our team of Magento experts help to improve the overall health of your store and improve the user experience by conducting a thorough Magento website audit to identify the loopholes, address them and create detailed reports about what is working and what is not.

We also help our clients to unlock new business opportunities and enhance the user experience.

Magento website audit and speed optimization

Our Magento Website Audit Process:

We conduct a complete website audit to ensure that all the technical aspects are thoroughly checked that might affect the customer experience. While doing so, we identify the scope that can help to boost the performance of the site in a very positive manner. Our Magento website audit follows the following activities:

  • Initial Discovery
    It is in this stage that we define the scope of audit and cover all the technical aspects of an ecommerce solution. We consider the overall website performance, SEO, UI/UX, infrastructure, custom code injections and website security
  • Investigating the Existing Application
    Our Magento experts do a thorough and quick examination of the system and check the software versions, the extensions that are installed, integrations, architecture and customizations.
  • Website Audit
    It is at this stage that our Magento experts perform a detailed audit of the ecommerce website that includes performance audit, code audit, SEO audit, security audit and also the website infrastructure audit.
  • Reporting Stage
    It is after a thorough website audit that we create the report that highlights the issues detected, the impact of the issue on your existing business and the performance and also the actions that we would take to fix the problem.

Our Magento speed optimization services include:

A fast website is what every user looks at as the average attention span is less than 10 seconds and you only have 3 seconds to impress your visitor. This is where our Magento experts come in. We have expertise in optimizing the speed of your site and help to improve the user engagement across various operating systems, browsers and devices. to improve the overall page speed and the UX, we offer Magento speed optimization services that include:

  • MySQL configuration tuning: : Our Magento experts conduct a website audit & perform a database configuration & optimization to ensure that everything is in sync with the store.
  • Optimizing web server: : We carefully analyze and perform the software upgrades and ensure that the versions are updated properly together with the hardware configurations.
  • Installing the Caching Engines It is best to move the sessions to the cache instead of maintaining a web database. We understand that the cache backend system is best for single as well as multi servers and know how to optimize as well as configure them.
  • Minifying and Combining CSS and JS Our Magento developers can easily configure the codes in order to deliver fast and they can also write JavaScript and CSS codes to ensure that the visitors receive only the necessary files.
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