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2019 Marks IDS Logic’s 12th Anniversary!

IDS Logic, a leading IT service provider marks a major milestone by completing 12 years in the industry.

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11th April, 2019: IDS Logic is proud to announce its twelfth year as a leading software development company.

Being in the business for 12 long years would not have been possible without our clients and employees who have great trust and confidence in what we do. The company’s motivation and founding spirit still remains the same today: to meet and exceed customer expectations and innovate for the future. We have a proud history of driving our company forward by serving clients from varied industry verticals via multiple offices that are spread across the globe.



As we celebrate our 12th anniversary, we must anticipate the next 12 years. We ensure to have the foundation to anticipate the shifts in the market, consumer preferences and technology advancements. We must continue to innovate, change and grow considering what has been positive and strong about our company.

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