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Assess the Efficiency of Your SharePoint Implementation and Boost Performance

SharePoint is a popular document management and collaboration tool that is used in many business organizations to have complete control on business documents and their sharing among the staff members. But poor SharePoint site speed and performance will negatively affect the user adoption of your solution. As site speed depends on various factors, there are things that you need to do in SharePoint that will help improve the performance of your portal.

We at IDS Logic, a leading SharePoint service provider operating from India can help you to have a complete health check of your SharePoint portal. Our experts identify both potential and current issues in the SharePoint infrastructure, performance, architecture and security irrespective of the SharePoint deployment size and its purpose. We also help our customers understand the pain points and help restore the correct operation, thereby maximizing the user’s productivity and reducing the load on the IT department.

Complete SharePoint Website Audit: :

With more than 13 years of experience in SharePoint consulting and development, we have gathered enough knowledge to understand the critical performance of any SharePoint application.

We carry out a thorough performance monitoring and a complete audit by using methodologies that help to identify flaws and specific components that affect the solution’s stability, security and overall performance.

Magento website audit and speed optimization

Our SharePoint Speed Optimization Services Include:

  • SharePoint Farm Assessment
    We carry out a farm assessment to reveal the performance issues that are caused due to incorrect setup or improper architecture.
  • Load Time Analysis
    As a part of the performance testing, our technical team checks up your SharePoint solution to identify any possible load issues.
  • Custom Code Review and Application Assessment
    We offer a comprehensive analysis of the overall state of custom applications that are within your SharePoint solution.
  • SharePoint Security Audit:
    Our experts help to evaluate the overall protection of your portal and ensure that all your business data is safe and secured.
  • User Experience Assessment:
    Our SharePoint experts thoroughly analyze your solution from the usability point of view and help to enhance the experience.
  • Content Analysis and Assessment:
    We also define the content that may at times affect the system’s performance by using some specific scripts.

What do We Deliver Our Customers?

After the thorough SharePoint solution audit, we offer the following deliverables:

  • A detailed report: This helps you to understand the issues that need to be addressed for the better performance of your SharePoint portal. The report describes the findings and helps to focus on aspects that include custom application code, hardware configurations, content, security etc.
  • Recommendations and solutions: Our experts also offer solutions to fix the identified issues and apart from the SharePoint problems, we also offer, then proper guidance to solve each issue and ensure that the solution is valid for a long term.
Magento website audit and speed optimization

When should You Consider a SharePoint Speed Optimization check?

Business organizations may face different issues with their SharePoint environments and it can be anything that may slow down the speed of your portal or solution. Here is when you need a proper health check:

  • Poor Application Performance: With the increasing amount of data or content, your solution can become slow which may affect the user’s productivity. A site audit may help you identify the core cause of troubles.
  • Security issues: Incorrectly set permissions, unpatched vulnerabilities or misconfigured deployments are a few problems that can become an issue of your slow performance. We reveal both hidden and apparent security flaws and close them as soon as possible.
  • High Support Costs: With ongoing SharePoint issues, you will have to spend a lot of extra money to support the stability of the solution. Our proactive approach helps to fix the issue and enhance the overall solution’s efficiency.
  • Very Poor User Adoption: Both speed and performance can lead to adoption problems and so we analyze the current solution and elaborate on some feasible tactics to fine tune the SharePoint application.
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