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Keep Your Site Blazing Fast and Performing at Its Best

Your slow WordPress site can lead to bad SEO rankings, reduced conversions, poor user experience and hurt your brand. Nobody likes a slow site and Google too neglects such sites when it comes to ranking. So, if you are struggling to get your WordPress website fast, then we can help you understand what’s holding your site back and fix it once and for good.
We at IDS Logic offer WordPress website owners with a wide range of speed optimization services so that your visitors get an optimized speed experience. We understand that your website is your most important business tool where potential leads get converted into long time customers. We have a team of technical experts who are experienced in optimizing your site speed for all kinds of devices. They ensure that your site loads within a few seconds and offer a smooth user experience, which is beneficial for your business.

We Conduct that Complete WordPress Site Audit:

Performing a WordPress website audit is an easy way that helps to ensure that your site is completely optimised to attain your busienss goals. For this, we do a through checking which includes:

  • Check behind the scenes
  • Find out common SEO issues
  • Site loading speed test
  • Server and security performance audit
We Conduct that Complete WordPress Site Audit

Our WordPress Speed Optimization Services:

At IDS Logic, we use industry leading strategies to improve your optimization speed to deliver valued results with uncompromised quality. We ensure best results through some of our WordPress services that include:

  • Improve Coding
    Usually a heavy and messy code reduces the chances of high speed. So our experts clean and optimize the code for faster page loading and better server response time.
  • JavaScript and CSS
    These two are considered to be the muscles and skin of your site and if the files are unorganized, it means longer load times. We help you compile the files into respective and easy to access folders.
  • Optimize the Images
    Large images mean reduced WordPress speed. So, by using a responsive web design or compressing the photo files we reduce the large files, which ultimately helps to increase the site speed.
  • Integrate Plugins Appropriately
    At times, improper integration of third party modules lead to slow speed of the site. We remove all the unnecessary plugins and integrate the ones needed properly without errors.
  • Minify Codes (CSS, JS, HTML):
    Extra codes or unnecessary codes often take a lot of space. Our WordPress experts eliminate unnecessary bytes like spaces, indentation and breaks so that the speed of the site increases.
  • Database Cleanup
    Running a lean database can help translate into faster response times. We help to remove all the unnecessary content, old revisions and other superfluous stuff from the website to boost speed.

Why Improving WordPress Website Speed is so Important?

Reducing the time to load the page can help you to attract your visitors to your page as they will not have to wait for more. As users have become very impatient and the average wait time has reduced to seconds, it is crucial that your site has a great speed so that you can keep your visitors hooked to it.

  • Increase conversions: 1 second increase in page speed may yield 7% more conversions
  • Improved SEO Rankings: Google loves fast sites and offer better ranking in the SERPS
  • Improve Mobile Experience: Helps to reduce page abandonment.
  • Lower the Hosting Cost: Reduced website size makes it smaller and lowers the hosting costs
  • Low Bounce Rates: Increased site speed reduces the bounce rates of the site
  • Improved Retention: Great website speed helps to retain the shoppers and come back for more
Why Improving WordPress Website Speed is so Important?

We Conduct that Complete WordPress Site Audit:

Once you have spoken with our executives and gathered details about our services the first thing that you need to do is to send your requirements. Soon after that we start with our work process:

  • Understand your website requirements
  • Conduct an initial meeting
  • Complete audit of the site
  • Optimise and improve the site
  • Offer maintenance and support
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