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Zendesk: Improve Response Time with Streamlined Help Desk Support

Customer service has always been the lifeline of modern business and it is seen that most organizations struggle hard to manage their multi-channel customer support options. They get overwhelmed with lost communications, disorganized files and backlogged tickets and etc. Here is where a customer service software is needed. Zendesk is a popular project management tool that aims at improving better customer relationship. Its core purpose is to improve the customer engagement and also contribute to their better understanding.

IDS Logic has a team having expertise in broad customer service and also deep product knowledge to help the clients deliver a unique customer experience. From strategic implementation to always-on service, we ensure that you get the best value out of your Zendesk integration. It is our years of experience in understanding customers that we have the capability to improve customer relationship and create innovative ways to serve them better in every step of their journey.

How we can help you at every stage of your customer journey?

We at IDS Logic are specialized in everything that is related to Zendesk. It doesn’t matter whether you are already using it or you are just starting out, our experts can help you in all stages:


Your brand is what you want to engrave on the minds of your audience as it is the only thing that can drive sales, increase recommendations and return customers. We understand this and so we help you to customize the help center as per your official website so that your customers don’t assume that they are at the wrong place. From color, size, logo, fonts, we keep everything consistent in terms of design.


Our experts help you extend your Zendesk with new apps through integrations so that you can bring a variety of functionality and new ways to your customer service. As your business grows, your needs also change and we help you to integrate Zendesk with the existing platform and fine tune it so that you have the latest features for your customers.


Companies that are looking to transform and modernize their business operations can now become partners with us to get a comprehensive strategy to deploy a scalable solution. We can help you to take your customer support to a new level of professionalism while adding a valuable personal touch, and other quality components that customers look for.

How Zendesk can help your business?

  • Smooth sales experience
  • Faster response on multiple tickets
  • Better client engagement from mobile or desktop devices
  • Easy customer retention
  • Edge over your competitors

At IDS Logic, we design Zendesk solution that focuses on your unique business and helps to attain customer service goals. Irrespective of where you are in the journey, and the complexity of the operations, our experts will help you to find the right approach and the best solution to meet your needs.

Dedicated Resources

Some important features of Zendesk:

  • Multi-channel support for web, phone, chat, email, social media
  • Flexible ticket management with automated workflow
  • Advanced analytics and robust reporting
  • Multi time zone and languages
  • Easy web interface that can be easily customized
  • Pre-built SugarCRM and Salesforce
  • Open API that enables seamless integration to business
  • More than 100 out of the box integrations with 3rd party apps.
  • Group rules and macros
  • SSO with Facebook, Twitter, Google and SAML
  • Public and private forums

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