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Web Development Tools for 2015

As a web developer, you will agree to the fact that every business site wishes to be at the forefront so as to capture the attention of the readers and customers. And it is your job to make sure that the site offers that. With technological developments happening every now and then, there are also numerous web development tools available for the developers to make things incredibly handy for them.

Available in various forms like browser add-ons, plugins and many more, they help to work faster and make your work more productive and also allow you to gain access to latest techniques.

website development tools

Important Web Development Tools that You are Probably Unaware of

Knowing about their features will prove valuable, while developing a site.

CSS Guidelines:

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Created by an independent Consultant Front End Architect, this tool is not for the beginners. It offers high level advice and developers using them will often enjoy better CSS results. Even the best developers can brush up with this tool as it offers guidelines over syntax and formatting, naming conventions, CSS selectors, commenting, architectural and many more. The tool is regularly updated to offer the latest information to the developers.


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This is in fact one of the best services that assists you to create animated multimedia content like sliders or banners and you can do everything without any designing skills. It helps to create interesting ad campaigns and new banners to make blogs more interesting. The online Image Editor and Animation Editor helps to get creative easily and all the animations that are created are compatible with Google Double Click and Google AdWords.

Bug Muncher:

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Developers often gear complaints from users that the site is not functioning properly due to bugs or personal preferences. Bug Muncher is an effective tool that can highlight the problems in your site and it also takes the screenshots. This reduces telephonic conversations and emails with a layman trying to describe a technical problem.

Cloud9 IDE:

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This tool allows the software developers to coordinate with others easily on big projects. They can handle coding and changes simultaneously as it allows coding and chatting at the same time. It comes with smart drag and FTP integration, drop document tree, code completion features and this makes coding flexible and easier for the developers.

Play Framework:

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If you are working with Java and Scala, then this tool should be your first priority. It is developer friendly and you simply need a text editor and a browser. Refreshing it shows the amendments made and there are also built in testing tools. It was created with mobile responsiveness in mind. You can create apps that are fast as most of the Java libraries can be used in Play and the compiler and runtime are on JVM.

Uptime Robot:

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Another important tool that a web developer needs is Uptime Robot as it constantly monitors a website’s performance. It helps to monitor HTTPs, Port, Ping and Check Keywords. It is useful for server owners and website as it keeps you updated about your uptime, downtime and response times. You will have quick access to statistics that the tool has gathered for you.

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