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“Bijles is an online course provider that offers the students to learn according to their convenience. Students from standard to secondary level can gain access to these courses and they can also consider some extra learning classes based on their understanding and performance at their own preferable timings and environment. The website is marketed by ELAIN.V. (Electronic Learning and Innovation) and all the courses are prepared by graduate teachers and the screening is done by retired teachers. There are different practice assignments that help the students to enhance their learning and keep them engaged. Their performance is also tracked and the courses can be accessed from either the computer, tablet or the phone as long as they have an internet connection. ”

Bijles- Moodle LMS Case Study
bijles Moodle based website


  • Bijles had plans to develop an LMS application so that they could offer better online course to the students who could easily access them from any location.
  • They also wanted to create a voucher module after subscribing so that the voucher code could be redeemed anytime to access the course and continue the learning sessions for a month.
  • These vouchers could also be purchased to consider some extra learning sessions in case the student had any difficulties in understanding the subject.
  • In short, Bijles was looking for a Moodle partner who could help them create the modules and integrate it with their site, thereby offering a great user experience.


Solutions that fulfilled Bijles’s requirements

IDS Logic had a discussion with the client and having understood their specific requirements, they decided to choose Moodle 3.7 to build the website. Together with the developers, the designers also took great initiative to create website designs that were responsive and could be accessed from any device without breaking the look and feel of the site. This helped them in branding and to maintain the customer loyalty. IDS Logic also helped them to create the modules and deliver a Moodle LMS and WordPress website with custom designs and functionalities:
Functional Development:

  • Course purchase process related pages like checkout, cart, account related page uses the default WooCommerce layout
  • Admin can upload the CSV files with Voucher codes
  • Admin can delete the used vouchers code or it can be set to periodic deletion
  • Responsiveness/Cross-Browser compatibility
  • WordPress custom work Moodle and WordPress integration
  • The solution also delivered course content written in 7 different Indian languages

Course Purchase Process:

  • Create an account
  • Choose a course group (there are 6 groups of courses linked to the 6 grades of k-12 education)
  • Enter the voucher code to have access for 30 days.

The modules were integrated and a smooth flow was ensured so that any group of courses could be accessed easily with the voucher codes.

LMS Platform


Customized the Project as per Client’s Requirements

  • Once the website was designed and developed using Moodle LMS, and the modules were integrated for the voucher and codes, learners could access the specific courses after the registration process.
  • They could use the voucher codes anytime and access the course material and training sessions for the coming 30 days.
  • The new website offers a great look and feel together with a great user experience.
  • Learners could now access the courses as per their convenience and this helped them with continuous learning.
  • Ultimately the client observed an increased number of learners on the site and higher revenues from their business.
bijles case study

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