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How Moodle Helps Students in eLearning Dares?

Life is full of challenges and every day we get up to solve one thing or the other. But e-learning professionals have a unique set of hurdles or challenges that must be leapt over regularly. Many individuals prefer to continue their education through e-learning and for those students, online degree programs may be the best to get a college education.

But simply because it offers great comfort to learn from home and at any time, it doesn’t mean that e-learning doesn’t come with challenges.

How Moodle Helps in elearning

Biggest E-Learning Challenges that Students Often Face & How Moodle Helps

Challenge 1. Students don’t feel motivated enough:

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Students often lack the zeal to learn.

Learners are often not motivated to continue with education or elearning courses when left alone to carry it out themselves. Chances are that they many not take up the course effectively as they would do in the classroom training environment. So how can you motivate them and present a great learning experience?


Moodle LMS has introduced the rewards and tokens for attaining the milestones and these appreciation and incentives just push the students to go and perform with more interest and focus. The tendency of appreciating their hard work and achievements can take you a long way in lighting a spark of interest among the students.

Challenge 2. Unable to devote enough time:

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Your prospective students might have a doubt if they will be able to continue with the course till the very end. Since online learners often have some other engagements too, they cannot dedicate time to their learning courses. And it is because of this reason that many students refrain from even enrolling in online courses.


Moodle LMS development has all the solution to solve this issue by going the microlearning way. Microlearning involves byte sized content when compared with bulk course material. These modules can be easily accessed and read whenever the student finds some time. Microlearning ensures higher course enrollment rate by breaking the course content into small sized chapters.

Challenge 3: Outdated user interface:

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A smart learner who spends most of his time with his smartphone is fond of exploring the course content and expects high navigational features that can captivate his mind. After all, with huge GBs of data, when everything is at his fingertips, he would want an interface that would allow him to gather more information easily.


Moodle offers attractive and intuitive themes and modern course designs are the pillars of creating higher levels of student’s engagement. It is also a long way to ensure that learning becomes interesting and engaging under the same roof.

Challenge 4: Easy access to on-the-go course:

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Most elearning students and professionals are in need of travelling and it is during this time that they find it difficult to access their learning courses. With technology changes, there has been a plethora of devices that are used by the students, but at times they are unable to access the course.


Moodle offers responsive themes that help the students to access the course content from any device even on the go. The content is functional across various devices and allows the students to continue learning from any handheld device and from any location.

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