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How We Can Work with You?

Selecting the right engagement model is a crucial aspect of the marketing outsourcing plan. So it is essential to make robust choices in collaboration as the right type of partnership ensures greatest value to both the organizations.

Our Engagement Models


Strategic partnership

This involves a formal alliance between the two companies. Marketing managers at the client organization select exclusive projects and we offer them the required development outsourcing services or creative expertise to deliver the projects. Firms taking advantage of this partnership can easily utilize our strengths to make them stronger in the long run.

Outsource set of projects

In this model, specific projects or programs at the client organizations are outsourced to us. Firms can rely heavily on us because of our technical expertise, right environment, infrastructure and setting to support them.

Hire dedicated resources

We help managers at the client organization hire a dedicated team of professionals from various domains who can work on their project. This effective model focuses on lowering the cost of recruitment, improving profits and adjusting business transactions.

Buy fixed number of hours

We offer flexible options to our clients so that they can buy fixed hours either on weekly or monthly basis to complete a project. This helps them to focus on core functions and utilize experts for the hours only they are required to complete the task.

Outsource set of activities

With this model, we allow our partners an easy option to outsource only a specific group of activities to our specialists. This enables them to bring fresh minds to the task and gain easy access to expertise without having to hire resources in-house.

How We can Add More Value to Your Organization?

  • Cost effective access to skilled resources
  • Delivery will be at par the expectation of client
  • Reduced operational cost as outsourcing reduces the liability
  • Instant communication whenever needed.
  • Complete transparency during project-life-cycle
  • On time delivery of project
  • Flawless requirements management at every level of granularity throughout the project

The Notable Points About Our Collaboration Request:

  • We respect business ethics and follow the same throughout our operation.
  • We never breach our partner’s client base.
  • All the of the services can be delivered in our partner’s brand name
  • We follow all standard protocols in our services
  • We ensure quality and transparency throughout our process to ensure client satisfaction.
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