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What is online marketing and why is it important for my business?

Online marketing is a vital part of your online business as it helps to drive potential clients and traffic to the site. It is basically a technique that helps to market and promote your products or services on the World Wide Web. Some online marketing strategies include SEO, PPC and social media. Using this technique helps in online branding and promotion, reaching out to a wider group of customers and generating higher sales and revenues from the investment.

What is online branding?

Online branding is a term that is used to express how your website looks and is perceived by your potential customers online. It is a way that helps to gain more exposure for your brand on different levels of online marketing, especially social and search.

How can an SEO campaign help my business?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a special technique that is used to improve the ranking of the site in major search engines and proper SEO strategies help to attain a higher rank in the SERP. In this competitive business market it is very difficult to get customers through referrals, but SEO campaign can help your business to enjoy long term benefits. Since more and more people are turning to the net to find products and services, gaining higher ranking helps customers to find you easily on the net.

What is Pay Per Click advertising? Should I advertise my business on search engines?

PPC is a type of inbound marketing where advertising is used to promote businesses through advertisement along the organic search results. The ads are based on specific keywords and the advertiser has to pay an amount of money when the ad is clicked and the user visits the website.

In this competitive market, it is very important to gain more visibility online to attract customers. An effective PPC campaign helps to increase the website’s traffic and attract potential customers who are looking for your services by using the key phrases.

How much time will it take to optimize my website?

This is very difficult to say as different websites have different requirements and the results may also vary accordingly. After implementing the best optimization techniques on the site, significant results can be visible usually after 3 or more months. But in some cases it may also take more time to generate results.

What is the difference between paid search and organic search?

Paid search can be defined as a process where you can dictate the search engines with the keywords that you want to appear for the ad and you have to make a payment whenever someone clicks on the ad. But with natural search, the search engine determines which sites should appear on the SERP based on the relevancy of the site and the search phrases that the user has used to search.

What is the difference between black hat and white hat SEO techniques?

Black hat techniques are some practices that are condemned by the major search engines and their usage can result in the site being heavily penalized or even complete deletion from the search engine indexes. White hat techniques are methods that are recommended by the search engines and are used to attain a higher ranking in the SERP and gain online visibility.

Why is website usability and navigation important for my site?

When visitors visit your website’s landing page, you have only a few seconds in hand to convince them to stay there and take an action. If you fail to do that, then they are sure to move somewhere else. It is very important for your site to be engaging and offer the customers the information that they are looking for. Proper navigation, usability will help you to attract the customers to your site.

I have not updated my website with any new content. Will this affect my site rankings?

All search engines recommend regular adding of fresh and relevant content to the website. This is important from the SEO perspective and it can help to boost the rankings especially when internal linking is used. Interesting and fresh content that is updated on the site will keep the visitors well informed and therefore build trust, confidence and credibility. In case the site is not updated for a long period of time, then it will affect the site’s ranking.

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