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Google Penguin Recovery: Combat Penguin Penalty with Services That Will Work Long Term

Have you noticed a sudden fall in your website’s ranking? If yes, then you may have been struck by Google’s Penguin penalty. This sudden drop in ranking often indicates a link based penalty. But what is this Penguin algorithm? Google has been constantly trying to refine the quality of the search results to improve the user experience and for this it has released a series of changes in the search algorithm so that the best sites are shown before the audience and sites that broke the Google’s span guidelines are penalized. Unfortunately, the activities of marketing vendors or low SEO practices can cause reputed online brands to lose traffic.

Google Penguin Recovery

We at IDS Logic, a reliable Google Penguin recovery service provider offers to its varied clients a tried and tested method of recovery that can get your site back on top of the search result page. With years of experience in studying the effects of backlinks on the ranking of the site and by using effective tools to gain further insight, our SEO experts can facilitate Penguin recovery solutions by providing end to end services ranging from data gathering to execution.

The Penguin Effect

Links to your site plays a vital role as Google counts them to decide your ranking in the SERP. The Penguin algorithm counts and targets the links back to the site that do not meet the Google guidelines. When it sees that there are many backlinks pointing to the site that does not meet Google’s guidelines, it applies a penalty to the ranking of the site. This severely reduces the website visibility for months and even for years at times if the issue is not given proper attention.

What We can Do to Help You Recover from the Google Penguin penalty??

Data gathering:

Our team of analyst will talk to you to discover more about your unique case and then they will use specific tools to analyze your backlink profile for high risk link patterns that has triggered the Penguin penalty. We check:

  • Sites that are linked from your web pages
  • If the source pages or domains are penalized
  • If the domains are part of the effected link network
  • The anchor text that is used to link to your website


Our team does a full manual link audit to confirm any malicious patterns present within your backlink profile and take essential steps to preserve high quality and authentic backlinks that are important and are still effective in driving value to your site.


Once the entire analysis is done, we then create a disavow file that includes all suspicious back links and those that are not adding any positive value to the site and then submit the disavow file to the Google Webmaster Tools. Next, we boost all the backlinks to help Google re-crawl your links and wait for the next Google update.

Monitor the progress:

We then monitor the progress of your site and check the recovery and tune the strategy accordingly for best results.

So, if you are penalized by Google’s Penguin and want to recover from the penalty, then talk to our executives and we are sure to help you!

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