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How to Understand and Identify Magento Ecommerce Seasonality and Prepare Your Site

Your Magento ecommerce website should always be prepared for any seasonal rush to enjoy the best benefits through increased sales. Optimizing the site for such sudden increase in traffic is crucial or you may lose business opportunities. Seasons are one of the most lucrative selling periods of any business and if you are not well prepared, then you may see a dip in your annual revenues.

Magento Ecommerce Seasonability

What is Seasonality in Magento Ecommerce Development?

Products that are purchased based on the season as well as the occurrence of any major festival can be termed as seasonal sales. The increase in demand for relevant products during a specific time period or intervals that create periodic hikes in opportunities is seasonal rush in sales. From a business perspective, such varying trends reveal the pain points that need to be addressed by Magento ecommerce developers. The business owners should be able to

  1. Predict the number of orders to keep up with the stock
  2. Predict the increase in website traffic
  3. Effectively manage more orders during rush hours
  4. Manage the investments in advertisements
  5. Deliver a smooth shopping experience

Seasonal Factors that Affect the Magento Ecommerce ROI:

Some seasonal variations are self-explanatory and the changes generate different reasons for the customers to purchase the particular item. This trend is usually at its peak and specially runs during the season only. However, markets should realize that there are certain seasonal variables that keeps generating various events all throughout the year. Some seasonal variables depend upon the 4 key factors and they are

  1. The business sector and popularity
  2. The climate
  3. Demographics
  4. Any events or holidays

It is only by properly analyzing the events like days and time that a business can ask their Magento development company to make required changes in the site so that it can take the load of the visitors that generates conversions.

How to Predict Seasonal Deviations?

The amount of traffic that your site will receive usually depends on the products that the store is selling. Do not assume to generate an equal traffic for all the seasons and so analyze and identify the events for your business based on the historical trends of your store.

Identify the Calendar Events of the Season:

For your Magento website development, it is important to identify the calendar events by analyzing the historical analytics data and also the search traffic for your keywords and this will help you to distinguish between the benchmark and how much tragic your online store receives.

Important Tips to Optimise Your Magento Ecommerce Store for High Performance and Speed

You can easily track down the events and identify the peaks seasons and the amount of products that you have sold in past. Pin the most successful events of the store as per the traffic of the keyword and the performance of your Magento store.

Track the Customer Behavior on the Landing Pages:

The next step is to determine the performance of the site by analyzing how the traffic on your site clicked through the store’s landing page and interacted with it. Google analytics can help you best track the audience behavior for the store and help you determine your how the prospects interacted with the landing page base on the different goals that you have created.

Generate Product Performance Reports:

Your ecommerce store is likely to be equipped with an analytics solution of its own that helps to break down the performance of the products based on time. Ecommerce solutions like Magento development support 3rd party add-ons or extensions that help you to generate more detailed reports that helps to analyze the performance of the products, based on these reports, you can make comparisons and prepare your website for the seasonal rush.


Magento Ecommerce entrepreneurs all over the globe are now able to understand that that it is crucial to create an effective marketing strategy in place and make the most out of the seasonal rush.

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