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Interesting Features of DNN Evoq 8

While creating a website you may be searching for the best CMS platform so that you can manage your web content easily and keep your customers engaged and well informed. Of all the CMS that are available, DotNetNuke is one of the most stable and mature platform and it boasts more than 6 million downloads. The basic framework is free and it is an open source platform. DNN helps to manage and build content rich websites and online communities that are easily accessible from any devices.

Interesting Features of DNN

The latest release offers great new capabilities, making it easier for business owners to create and maintain websites and applications. The enterprise-class content management system is highly optimized for marketing that allows multi format publishing and tracking of the visitors to the website. It has also made it easier for the developers to leverage modern technologies to create various extensions.

Evoq 8, the licensed version of DNN has moved beyond simple web content management and it allows the marketers to publish, measure and personalize content from anywhere online.

Some New Features that the DNN Platform Offers


Content personalization:

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Website visitors of today always expect personalized experience, which means that they want to see something that they want and when they want. Evoq 8 helps to create personalized content that is based on the visitor’s profile. It allows the customers to create specific content that is based on the rules of geography, recent visits, referral source, age, gender, search terms and clicks. Content personalization helps to enhance marketing capabilities and increases the sales conversion rates.

Centralized access to content repositories:

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DNN Evoq 8 includes built in connectors to Dropbox, Amazon S3, Box, Marketo and Microsoft Sharepoint and this makes it easy to access any digital asset or piece of content from a single window. The connectors make it easy to incorporate your cloud hosted assets into Evoq. The Marketo connector allows website owners to connect the site to Marketo based marketing automation system.

Page level content analytics:

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Statistics on page views, unique visitors, referrers and conversions are presented as an overlay on the web pages through the data that is collected and managed by Evoq. The analytics help the marketers, regardless of their level of proficiency to immediately understand how the content is performing without even navigating to a different web analytics system.

Flexible content layouts:

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Managing new pages has become easier for the users with this feature. They can now easily select from the built in layouts and assemble their own by using simple to use drag and drop interface. The new content layout module offers various layouts for e.g 25% + 75%, 5X20% and many more.

Advocate marketing:

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DNN Evoq 8 allows the marketers to activate the brand advocates present on their website by sharing content on their personal social networks. This capability is integrated with Evoq’s native gamification engine and engages the customers by tracking challenge completions, issuing different challenges, awarding badges or points or other incentives.

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