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WordPress Website Hacked? Key Signs to Check

WordPress is the most popular CMS that powers over 60 million websites. Its great popularity in the past many years have also made it a target for hacking attacks. If you are not responsive about your WordPress website security, then it can seriously cause a great damage to your e-reputation, business and also your brand credibility.


Though WordPress site hacking happens more than people even realize the fact, but thankfully there are some sure fire ways that can help you to figure out if your website is under any attack or not:

Any sudden or unexplained drop in traffic should be a matter of concern:

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If you have a WordPress website, it is likely that you would be using Google Analytics reports to check your traffic and website performance. If in any case you realize that there is a sudden drop in traffic for no apparent reason, then chances are high that your website is hacked.

There are many Trojans and malwares that can hijack your website’s traffic and redirect them to some spammy websites. So you need to seriously pay attention to your WordPress security and adopt every possible steps to keep the site safe.

Your WordPress website is unresponsive or very slow:

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This is one of the basic symptoms that you should consider. If you observe that your site is taking more than usual time to load or it has become unresponsive, then possibilities are high that your site has been hacked. This may be due to a special type of hack known as the Denial of Service. most websites have a high change of becoming a target for such attacks and it involves multiple servers, infected bots.

Did someone make changes in the design or layout or even deface your home page:

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If you find some obvious changes in the designing of your website or your home page is defaced, then it is a sign that your website has been hacked. You should also check for links that start to show up in your WordPress site that you didn’t place there. Simply deleting the links will not solve your problem, so you need to address the root cause and for that you can take professional help from security service providers.

Spam mails generated from your website:

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You may observe some email spams been sent from your website server that is hacked. The hacker will edit your website code and place some spammy scripts on your site that will command your WordPress site to send spam mails. In order to deal with this problem, you have to adopt a number of security measures.

You are unable to access your admin account or you have a new account that you did not create:

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WordPress development allows the website owners to assign various roles to the site users, like administrators, author, editor, subscriber, SEO editor and etc. Since the administrator has access to all the sections of a site, and the rest enjoys only limited access, it is obvious that the admin is a powerful role.

Hackers try to break a site using the admin profile and then misuse them. If you find that you are unable to login to your account or you have a new admin account, then it’s time to have a security check done of your site.

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