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Mobile App Maintenance: Importance & Cost Involved in the Process

At present, there are millions of mobile apps in the marketplace. It has become challenging to establish a strong presence over there. With an outdated app, you will not able to impress your users, and they take no time on uninstall your app from their mobile devices.

Staying updated is the only solution that will make your app a great success in the market. Hire app maintenance services that will keep a close tab on the current market trends, and implement them timely to ensure the remarkable performance of your app.

Importance of Mobile App Maintenance

There are lots of app owners who thinks that all their responsibilities are over once the app gets launched. But, they are completely wrong. It is now when the real work starts. Regular monitoring is vital to ensure the best performance of your app by fixing the bugs and rising technical issues.

With app maintenance, you will reap the following benefits:

Highly Updated App

With mobile app maintenance, your app will render high-grade performance to the users. All the app features will run smoothly and adapts well with the constantly evolving Android and iOS versions.

Enhanced User Experience

Having a properly maintained mobile app will help in meeting the expectations of the users in terms of features and functionality. This will help in acquiring new users and retaining the existing one.

Improved Security

Security is the topmost priority of the app owners. By updating your app regularly, you can add latest security patches to fix the vulnerabilities. This will keep your app secure against the cyberattacks.

It is safe to say that an updated app is a valuable asset to the business that ensures its success in the market.

Why and How to Maintain Your Mobile App by Hiring a Support and Maintenance Company

Mobile App Maintenance Cost

There are lots of factors that greatly influences the overall mobile app maintenance cost that are as follows:

  1. Bug Fixation & Frequent Updates
  2. Maintaining Constant Pace with Latest Android & iOS Software
  3. Hosting Maintenance
  4. Third Party Service Upgradation
  5. API Maintenance and a lot more.

Apart from these factors, the location of the app development team also determines the maintenance cost. For instance, the cost for maintain an app in the USA ranges from $50-150 per hour (approximately) while in the Asian countries, it is around $15-40 per hour.

Summary: Mobile app maintenance is crucial to ensure the smooth and flawless performance of the app. It is an ongoing task that keeps on running till the time your app is present on the app store.

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