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‘Metals4U’ Launches Their New Magento 2 Website, Creating Unmatched Growth

IDS Logic is proud to announce that the team has successfully launched one of their client’s website, metals4U. Magento 2 development has ensured a mobile first approach with an engaging user experience.

28th April, 2020, Noida: metals4U, a leading UK metal supplier offers its customers a wide range of aluminum, mild steel and other metal products to meet specific industry needs. The company offers a huge stock of quality products that can be custom cut and polished as per requirement. metals4U partnered with IDS Logic, a reputed software development service provider to help develop their new company website so that it aligns perfectly with their vision for growth and expansion.

‘Metals4U’ Launches Their New Magento 2 Website, Creating Unmatched Growth

The core purpose behind creating the new look and feel of the metals4U website was to better provide information to their customers, make it more user friendly, responsive and feature rich with all the resources available at the click of a button. IDS Logic having worked with Magento development for more than a decade had all the experience and expertise to satisfy these needs. The team ensured that the website helped our client to achieve their core business initiatives and serve their customers, while representing their brand values effectively and strategically.

IDS Logic used the latest version of Magento 2 enterprise edition to build the website and the team focused on the site’s user interface, and overall user experience. The mega menu, which was previously complex was simplified and tracking tools were integrated to analyze the customer journey and behavior based on which different products were ‘Intelligently’ suggested. Prominent inbuilt features of Magento such as Elasticsearch, Landing Pages, product filtration and Page Builder are used. To enhance the website performance, our Magento developers integrated some internal modules like the CRM and ERP and many processes from ordering to shipping were automated.

The Shipping module now seamlessly calculates price based on the weight, length and area of the products and the location of its delivery address. It is integrated with the ‘Shiptheory’ where the allocation of carrier to deliver was automated. The users can now effortlessly navigate down 5 levels of the catalog with just two clicks. Not only that, the design of the website is highly responsive and mobile friendly levering the inbuilt Magento SEO features to optimize the website and meet commerce centric search optimization and improve ROI.

The new Magento 2 website of metals4U has helped the business to target and attract a new customer base whilst maintaining their current customers with a vastly improved and more intuitive experience. These improvements are primed to increase traffic and ensure that the visitors have a uniform buying experience, whilst meeting all business objectives, boosting revenue and reducing the organizational costs.

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