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Umbraco’s Recent Security Patch Release Update

Umbraco’s recent security patch release is the ultimate offering to support all major versions. The security patch release provides the following offerings that we will brief later in this write-up:

The article is centered to offering insight on manually upgrading Umbraco workflow in order to run the latest version. There is a prompt displayed in the Umbraco workflow when there is a new version available.

In order to get the new Umbraco version, users can choose to update any of the following:

Let’s have a brief understanding on both of these here:


  • NuGet allows installing latest version of the package when users use

dotnet add package Umbraco.Workflow command unless you specify a package version:

dotnet add package Umbraco.Workflow—version <VERSION>

  • Run dotnet restore to install the package.

Visual Studio

In order to upgrade Umbraco workflow, consider going to NuGet Package Manager – > Manage NuGet Packages for Solution… in Visual Studio.

  • Ensure selecting Umbraco. Workflow
  • Then choose the latest version from the version drop-down and click install

umbraco workflow


  • Now open the .csproj file to make sure the package reference is updated: Copy


<PackageReference Include=”Umbraco.Workflow” Version=”11.x.x”/> >/ItemGroup>


To know more, you can visit our Umbraco Page or Contact us.

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