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Some Interesting Facts About WordPress Development

Over the past few years, WordPress has become the leading content management system that is powering many websites. It is user-friendly and can be customized easily to meet the specific business needs. One can easily create, edit, and post content on their website without any hassle using this CMS.

Some Interesting Facts About WordPress Development

If you are planning for WordPress development, then there are some interesting facts about this platform that you need to be versed of very well. Just take a look at them to learn more:

WordPress powers 35% websites

This is indeed an impressive percentage, and the prime reason for its rising popularity is its ability to create a variety of websites in the fastest possible time. It is equipped with vast features and functionality that one would require to build an appealing online presence. So, this is why it has become the topmost choice of the businesses these days.

WordPress is far beyond than a blogging platform

Initially, WordPress is launched as a blogging platform. But, after some time, it has become an effective option to set up a fully functional website. Whether you want to create a small or large scale website, you can design it using this CMS without much efforts.

Important Questions to Ask from WordPress Developer Before Hiring

WordPress supports multiple languages

With WordPress, language is not a barrier for the businesses to interact with their customers. It has multi-lingual functionality that can help business to target their potential customers on a global scale. It has an excellent translation feature that provides support to various languages such as Russian, Japanese, German to name a few.

WordPress offers various add-ons

Over time, it is important to upgrade the WordPress website to stay competitive in the market. This is exactly where add-ons come into picture. WordPress provides lots of add-ons that you can choose for your website to extend its aesthetic appeal and functionality. You should choose any option by assessing your business needs carefully.

Choose a reputed WordPress development company that can help you in creating a feature-packed website. You will get lots of options online to opt from. All you should do is to do a proper research on the web to get the best search results.

Summary: WordPress secures the higher spot when it comes to the leading CMS. Before initiating WordPress development, it is best to know some interesting facts about this platform to develop a better understanding.

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