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The Benefits of Integrating Social Media with Your Sitefinity CMS Website

Social media has gained much popularity in the last decade and it has now established itself as one of the most powerful tools that help to attract the audiences and bring traffic to the site. Nowadays, it is very important that the content is not only read, but it is also shared via social media by your visitors with a wider audience. It is by integrating the social media buttons on your Sitefinity CMS website that you can make sharing the content by the visitors simple.

The Benefits of Integrating Social Media with Your Sitefinity CMS Website


Sitefinity is a popular CMS platform and many business organizations are using it to manage their web content efficiently. The sharing of social media buttons on your site makes it easy for the viewers to share your content and these sharing buttons do not use any JavaScript, which means they can load fast and won’t block the site from rendering. Since website owners want some flexibility while deciding the buttons they used for the content, you simply can add a different set of buttons to the widget templates for specific types of contents.

The Benefits of Integrating Social Media on Your Sitefinity Website Development:

Website social media integration is the process of expanding and redirecting your social media followers to your site and making your social platform accessible to your audience and customers via your website. The benefits that your website will have:

Makes Your Sitefinity Website More Interactive:

Most business owners opt for a website that offers rich features and delivers all the information to the potential customers, but often fail to keep them engaged on the site for a longer period of time. Integrating the social media buttons often makes it more interesting and interactive and keeps them hooked to your Sitefinity website longer.

Encourages Conversation:

It is with social media integration with your Sitefinity CMS development that all of your prospective customers can easily start a conversation with you. A single click on the social icon helps them to redirect to more personalized profiles when they can easily like, share, post reviews and comment about your business and start a dialogue.

How Sitefinity CMS Helps in Content Governance Strategy

Enhances the User Experience:

When your potential customer sees the level of transparency that is incorporated into the site through social media integration, they view you positively as a business. So even the smallest convenience like social login helps to create a positive impact on the users and helps in conversion.

Helps to Expand Your Social Following:

Getting linked to various social profiles from your website makes it easier for the visitors to discover your social profiles. Adding a “Follow Us” call to action around the social icons encourages the visitors to take the next step. And this is why it is important to add some social media buttons to your Sitefinity web development. Getting the visitors to follow your site on social media is a great means to stay on top of mind for the potential prospects.


Integrating social media buttons to your website has great benefits as it can help you to extend your reach to a wider network without any extra marketing costs.

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