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Tips to Perform Drupal Security Audit

Drupal is a popular PHP-based CMS that is powering numerous websites these days. It is user-friendly and comes with vast feature set to set up a functional website with less efforts. Since there are so many users, there are greater chances of cyber-attacks that can pose a serious threat to confidential information.

Tips to Perform Drupal Security Audit

If you’ve invested in the Drupal CMS development, then you need to conduct a proper security audit. Within this process, all the security threats are identified before it gets manifested, and cause serious trouble.

To maximize the security of your Drupal website, it is important to consider the below-mentioned tips:

Updating Drupal & Modules

Keeping the Drupal version and modules updated is one of the best security measures that you should take for sure. With the help of this, you will get patches for various security vulnerabilities. If you are overlooking this thing, then you are exposing your website to security threats.

Perform Website Backups

A website backup is helpful at the time when your website gets crashed due to some reason. When you will have the backup, you will be able to restore all your business information along with the Drupal website. In this way, your business operations will not get hampered at all.

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Use Strong Username & Password

The majority of the cyber-attacks are mainly due to the selection of weak passwords. Therefore, it is recommended to not only opt for the strong password that is hard to crack, but also choose a distinct username. This is an effective security hack for your Drupal website that you need to definitely implement.

SSL Certification

SSL certification provides HTTPS to your Drupal website, which is good in terms of increasing your data security. Your login page of the security website should contain an SSL certificate that will safeguard the credentials of your website users. If you are not having it, your business and customer’s information are at higher risk.

If you are finding it difficult to maintain the security of your Drupal website, it is recommended to find the top-rated Drupal development company. They have expert Drupal developers on-board that will perform this task with an efficacy. Just take a look online to get the potential names that you can choose for your purpose.

Summary: To make your Drupal-based website secure all the time, you need to take the preventive measures on an immediate basis to prevent the chances of cyber-attacks.

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