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Top Ecommerce Website Development FAQs by Clients from IDS Logic

Building a robust and functional eCommerce website demands both time and efforts. When clients decide to set up their online store, they have certain questions from the organizations pertaining to eCommerce website development.

Top Ecommerce Website Development FAQs by Clients from IDS Logic

Based on the queries that we receive from the clients, we’ve discussed them in this post. This will provide you a gist of the questions that they generally put up when they have to build an eCommerce website.

Here are some common frequently asked questions related to the eCommerce website development:

1- Do you offer Ecommerce website redesign service?

Yes, we do. We will redesign your eCommerce website and make it up-to-date as per your specifications. Our UI/UX design team will analyze your website layout thoroughly to find out the scope for further enhancement, and suggest changes accordingly.

2- How much time will it take in eCommerce website development?

The total time to build a standard eCommerce website depends on the design complexity of the client’s project. Ideally, it takes 3-4 weeks to build a fully-functional website.

3- What eCommerce platform will be used to develop my website?

We have expertise on all major eCommerce platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, and lots more to build a flawless website. You can choose from these options as per your preferences.

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4- How will you ensure the security of our website?

We take strict security measures right from the start of the project development. You can choose our website maintenance package to avail the latest security updates and protecting your website from cyberattacks or other vulnerabilities.

5- Do you offer SEO services for eCommerce website?

Yes, we provide SEO services to boost the search engine indexing which helps in driving huge traffic to your eCommerce website. Thus, ensuring the growth and development of your business.

6- Do you provide Maintenance and Support service for eCommerce website?

Of course we do. To ensure the high-grade performance of eCommerce website, we provide maintenance and support service to our clients at a cost-effective price.

These are some common questions that have been asked by many clients from the eCommerce development companies.

Summary: There are certain set of questions related to eCommerce website development that clients generally ask from the organizations to get a peace of mind. This post will unveil them one-by-one to provide you a better understanding on this type of development.

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