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Why Small Firms Are Considering Outsourcing?

Small businesses require big time commitments as they have to deal with multiple tasks. But at the same time, it is also important to spend this time wisely. According to many organizations, few tasks require almost about 40 hours per month to complete. Though this may be sustainable for a few months, but soon it will grow beyond your capacity. And if you are not focused on your business, you will lose the opportunities that you are actually looking for.

Today, most of the activities can be outsourced and the first step is to take a long look internally and also complete an assessment to find your strengths and weaknesses. Once you have a clear idea of where you stand, you can consider the following:

Things That You are Struggling With:

Every company has a few things that they often find difficult to complete smoothly. So, try to find out those activities that your team struggles to complete. If you are unable to evaluate your weaknesses, then consult a trusted peer. Based on these two factors, decide whether to outsource or not.

1.First can you hire an internal team at very low cost?

2.Do you know someone who can do the job perfectly?

If your answer is NO, then it’s better to hire an outsourcing company for the tasks

Creative work: Your company may need to create some short branded videos. You and your staffs can do it, but amateur content doesn’t help much to get off the ground. So, to gain a better market exposure, you have to hire some creative experts. This will help your company grow and attain visibility in the market.

Other expertise you don’t have:Your small business might not have the budget to hire expert resources, but you might be able to hire experienced people on a par time basis. A lot of business owners are not experienced at some specific tasks and so they have trouble in assessing the quality, it is here that external consultant can surely help.

Some Insight into Outsourcing Reports:

1. Outsourcing accounts for about 12.7% of companies’ IT budget in 2019. This is a jump from 9.4% last year and is of course a healthy increase.

2.Networking operations have seen an increase in outsourcing and about 34% companies now outsource some of the network operations to reliable outsourcing companies.

3.IT security outsourcing has also seen the largest growth rate among all outsourced functions and this will increase the amount of security work for outsourcers.

4.Application maintenance on the other hand has seen a drop in terms of percentage of companies outsourcing this service. This may be due to the increased use of online subscription based services that has pushed more of the maintenance function to the SaaS vendors.

5.Software application development is also the most frequently outsourced tasks according to the report and about 56% organizations outsource some kind of their work to software outsourcing companies.

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